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ბოსნია და ჰერცეგოვინა Association of Architects

Association of Architects
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Association of architects in BiH is a central non-governmental organization that works on a range of different cultural and social activities that serve to promote the importance of architecture and role of architects in BH society. These activities are frameworked through the working of the AABH Creative HUB that serves as a coworking space and a community platform for talks, public discussions, exhibitions courses and workshops offered to the wider public.
Role of architecture and architects is changing in the contemporary digital time, and AABH is working on creating a creative and social platform that can influence the way our cities are built, levels of social and professional engagement in decision making processes, and the way it is perceived in public.

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Architecture, coworking, public spaces

As the only organization/NGO on the national level, Association of architects in BiH (AABH) is oriented on a range of different activities that serve to promote the role and importance of architecture and urbanism to the wider professional, public and governing bodies. These activities include: creating a creative hub that serves as a coworking space open to freelancers and SMEs who collaborate on joint projects, and as a community platform for wider public. This platform is used a place for discussions about different and related topics: public space, cultural heritage, urban planning and design, architectural design, new technologies and digitalization but also related arts such is graphic and product design, art and citizen engagement in decisions about built environment. At the same time, platform is used by the wider public for anyone interested to organize a talk and so far has included topics such are involvement of young people into EU and BH politics,  role of music in the creative process, smart cities etc.
Furthermore, AABH actively works on education and has organized very successful courses for the wider public that include new softwares and BIM technologies, digitalization and spatial analysis, interior design, and range of different workshops for students such was the workshop with ScanLAB UK that educated group of students on new digital tachnologies currently emerging in the EU. Organization of exhibitions in Sarajevo and other BH cities is an important activity that serves the purpose of presenting quality architectural and arts production and invoking subsequent discussions about why they are characterized as such.
We are very interested in collaborating with different organizations from the EU and WB region in exchanging experiences, creating joint projects that can influence wider public on the perception of our cities, and educate professionals and public in claiming their space and participating in decision making processes.

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