პარტნიორთა მოძიება - ბოსნია და ჰერცეგოვინა Museum of Republic of Srpska

ბოსნია და ჰერცეგოვინა Museum of Republic of Srpska

Museum of Republic of Srpska 
Short description
Museum of Republic of Srpska is the national museum of the Republic of Srpska entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was founded in 1930 and its first collection consisted of historically and culturally priceless ethnographic objects from this region. Since then, the museum has grown and today it is the central institution for the preservation of movable cultural heritage in the Republic of Srpska entity.
Contact details
Nikola Zagorac
Phone: +387 65 180 743
e-mail: Nik.zagorac@gmail.com
Traditional clothing, dance and songs
THREAD is an international multimedia digital project that gives a modern interpretation of traditional heritage from different countries. The end result of the project is an interactive exhibition which consists of three key elements:
  • a display of traditional folk costumes from the second half of the 19th and the first half of the 20th century from three different countries where garments from these countries and cultural heritage would be combined on the same model (e.g. a head cover (hat) from Poland, shirt from Greece and trousers from Bosnia and Herzegovina),
  • a model remix of traditional songs from these countries and time period and
  • a dance performance also combining elements from traditional dances from all partner countries.
The costumes, songs and dances produced through this project would represent unique and original combinations, i.e. blends of several different cultures. What objects belonging to different cultural heritage holds together in a harmonious whole is a unique symbolism that objects have in themselves and that tell the story about childhood, youth, marriage, maturity and death. It is these five themes that are the five different parts of the exhibition through which visitors will learn about the difference of the other and recognize in it a surprising similarity with their own heritage.
Project aims:
  • to give a new approach to the study of cultural heritage
  • to develop a digital multimedia platform for approaching young audience
  • to interrupt the standard way of exhibiting traditional costume
  • to challenge young designers to reproduce traditional culture in a modern way
to offer the public an interactive project experience.
All eligible European countries 

We are looking for private or public partners with experience in traditional music, dance or clothing 
All potential partners should contact us by 14th November at the latest.