პარტნიორთა მოძიება - გერმანია EDUCOMMART


Short description
  • Meeting Point of Creative Education (Non-Profit Civil Partnership)
  • for people who have a desire to give an educational and cultural meaning and,

  • for corporate organizations that aim, through their action, to contribute to social and economic development and in cooperation with our company-to participate in the implementation of education programs, towards this direction.
  • established in 2016, based in Athens, Greece
  • our team consists of teachers and artists who seek a vision and methodology to combine artistic and educational dimension to the overall educational process.
  • To achieve our goals, we rely on values such us charity, solidarity, co-operation and confidence. We seek to create space for new structures and ideas for a holistic approach to education.
  • Our purpose is to take over the management and the implementation of EU and national education and cultural programs and initiatives, related to lifelong training for rights of people with special needs, disabilities and in general of vulnerable social groups and awareness of social , cultural issues and environmental interest.
  • I'm a modern composer who believes in training and instructive role of music. My compositions for solo instruments  , choral and orchestral ensembles , they are inspired by Greek history and mythology as the contemporary social-political issues. Therefore as art director of educommart , I seek the contact and the acquaintance of the public of all ages to art and highlighting the importance and the value that the overall training and educational process. 
I have worked since 2003 until today , who now hold the position of conductor in Kifissia  municipality with orchestras in Greece and Germany. My works have been presented and continues to present, in concert halls and important cultural sites such as the museum , |MARTa Herford| , in Germany and Athens Music Hall. At the same time, I have many years of experience as a professor of music in the private and public sectors.
Contact details
Konstantinos Stefanou, Composer, Art Director, Musician
Music, Cultural Heritage, Interdisciplinary, Youth, Pedagogy
European Union, Eastern Partnership Countries

EU-Membership, Cultural Centre, Non-Profit Civil Partnership,
Greek Composer, Music-Teacher
Areas of activity:
  • musician
  • music ensembles
  • orchestra for a collaboration, presentation and mediation of compositions, composers and musicians festivals
  • Presentation of contemporary music
  • Projects with artists from theatre, painting, dance, art etc.
  • for the development of new projects, building events
  • research in the field of music education in elements of traditional music
The music, from the beginning of human appearance, accompany him and help him to communicate with his environment and cultivate the soul of the world. In this context, we seek through the application of modern educational programs to promote the music, which is the global language.
We aim to inform the benefits derived by someone who deals with music in social, psychological, educational and communicative level.
We want to bring as many artists from around the world, to create a new project , and bring them into contact with general public in order to design new homes and creating easier access to artistic platforms.
We are interested in the presentation of new compositions/ projects as well as the research of traditional music from each city,
the research on morphology, instruments and traditions and the study of common musical factors.