პარტნიორთა მოძიება - გერმანია Sommerblut Kulturfestival e.V.

გერმანია Sommerblut Kulturfestival e.V.

Sommerblut Kulturfestival e.V.
Short description
Sommerblut draws the edge into the centre and brings the centre to the edge. The cultural festival lives the vision of cultural participation for all people, regardless of physical or mental disability, ethnic and social origin, age, sexual identity, gender and religion. The festival is risky, breaks with conventional ways of seeing and performing and brings together a wide variety of perspectives. Sommerblut is cross- divisional. Dance, music, visual arts, performance, theatre and literature enter into fruitful communication, combine expertise with
innovative art forms and open up new dimensions of experience.

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Intercultural performance project

WHAT DO WE BELIEVE IN is an european intercultural performance project that wants to throw a glance at political, sociocultural as well as religious crises that are diagnosed throughout Europe. In cooperation with four or five cultural institutions, venues, or festivals from different european countries a variety of performance projects will be developed on the subject of crises of faith. In exchange with
each other, the different experiences and ways of dealing with personal and European crises of faith are to be worked out.

Any EU-countries
Wheter you are a theatre, a dance company, a venue or a festival – we are looking for anyone who is interested in elaborating various intercultural performance projects on the subject of faith and crises. Since Sommerblut as the project coordinator is famous for its inclusive and cross-border projects, we are looking especially for artists, playwrights or cultural managers who are socio-critical, inclusive, LGTB-friendly, dissenting, open for experiments and ready for new ways of thinking. Optimally, you already have experiences in European cooperation projects and you are interested in an
intercultural exchange of ideas, visions and experiences.
Associated partners, one or two institutions from non-EU-countries (e.g. Ukraine, Israel)