პარტნიორთა მოძიება - დანია The Health and Culture Department at Aalborg Municipality

დანია The Health and Culture Department at Aalborg Municipality

The Health and Culture Department at Aalborg Municipality
Short description
It advises and provides operating grants to associations, cultural institutions and events, volunteer organizers and other active partners.
The main task is to support and develop cultural life in Aalborg within the framework of legislation in the area, Aalborg Municipality's cultural policy and other policies relevant to practitioners of culture and cultural environments. Cultural policy must provide citizens with diversity in experiences, access to cultural activities and events, a good framework for artists and cultural actors, and giving citizens the opportunity to develop themselves artistically and culturally.

Contact details
Rasmus Krogh
Culture Consultant
T:+45  31 99 01 01
E-mail: rasmus.krogh@aalborg.dk
(rhythmic) music and entrepreneurship

The music industry has changed a lot over the last 20 years. Nowadays Music is distributed through streaming services. The ability of musicians to create revenue has changed dramatically. There are both advantages and disadvantages in the new terms of the music industry. It is harder for musicians to make money selling music, but it's easier than before to reach a global audience.
Musicians, producers, managers and other players in the music industry must learn to work in new ways to generate revenue and growth. There is a great potential in the music industry learning to think market-oriented and gaining a deep understanding of the music industry's terms.
These challenges call for the Municipality of Aalborg and the local music industry to join forces in this project.

Project must contribute to both creating economic growth, and to create a framework for a creative, productive and market-oriented music environment. It will support and create concrete initiatives within the area of rhythmic music that will benefit musicians and local music contractors; independent organizers, managers, music companies, producers, musicians and agencies.

• Professionalizing music industry
• Supporting bands / musicians to adapt to the new conditions of the music market
• Creating a framework for peer learning and mentorship

Project will focus on locating individuals, groups and organizations with a great potential, and on strengthening the rhythmic environment as a whole through concrete actions. The entities involved in the project will face competence building that enables them to cope with the emerging challenges on the music market.
Planned activities:

  • Entrepreneurship for musicians, organizers, managers and other professionals
  • Band camp and songwriter camp
  • Mentor course
  • Peer learning
  • Audience development


Germany, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Netherlands, Italy, Spain
Music/Culture Hubs or Labs, higher education institutions, culture departments of the municipalities