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დიდი ბრიტანეთი Transform Festival

Transform Festival
Short description
Transform is a producing company based in Leeds, presenting biennial international festivals and concocting projects by bold artists all year round. Focused on reimagining what theatre can look like and what it can do, we present theatre works everywhere from arts venues across Leeds, to city sites and outdoor spaces. Celebrating the independent and adventurous spirit of Leeds, we want to reflect the socially conscious and radical North, whilst connecting to the world.
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Theatre, Festivals
Festivals of the future
We are inspired to bring together up to six performance festivals across Europe to exchange and collaborate over a period of 18 months from Summer 2018.This period might include:
Festival Development
Short residencies held in each of the festivals home cities and towns. We will share and interrogate our models, and invite guests to inform and inspire.
Residencies & Co-creation
Sharing artistic influences and aspirations, we will invite a few artists and companies to begin developing a new project between the various organisations.
We will select a couple of works to tour to some of the festivals, and work together to devise engagement with local audiences and artists.
Curators of the Future
We will find an opportunity for further curators and artistic directors engaged in similar ideas from across Europe, to attend at least one of our festivals and contribute to the discussions.
On-going digital reflection
We will cultivate an online space to share and document thoughts, reflections and outcomes of our process.

Particularly interested in Eastern European countries but open to all

We are looking for:
• Bold and brave performance festivals in any part of Europe that might be interested to work together.
• Festivals that, like us, are at a moment of change and evolution. Perhaps they are young festivals that are still emerging or developing, or established ones assuming new leadership, models or identities.
• Festivals that are concerned with both the local and the international.
• Festivals that are open to cooperate and exchange, and want to interrogate what the model of the future festival might be whilst exploring new collaborative possibilities.