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ესპანეთი ALDA and Orchestra Jupiter

ALDA and Orchestra Jupiter
Short description
ALDA (the European Association for Local Democracy) is a membership-based organization gathering more than 250 members (including civil society organizations, local authorities, associations of local authorities, universities, etc.) from more than 40 countries. ALDA has a very extensive experience in the management of large European and international projects, as well as the coordination of wide partnerships. Orchestra Jupiter (Italy) is a non-profit creative community of musicians striving to convey respect and civic pride through their passion for music.
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Music; culture; young emerging artists
The project aims at underlining the importance of the composer Gioacchino Rossini and his heritage in order to enrich the European music culture and foster European identity. The core idea is to involve young emerging artists in the fields of theatre, classical music, theatre, set-designing etc., in the co-creation of an artistic performance of opera/theatre based on Rossini’s composer. During the project, young artists will develop the content of the performance and travel to three symbolic cities (possibly Venice, Vienna and Paris) in the European Union to present the results of this co-creation production and to offer awareness raising workshops on Rossini. The project is built on 4 phases:
1) Creation and development of an artistic contest
2) Assembly of the project
3) Rossini’s trip: Venice, Vienna and Paris
4) Final event in Paris
Finally, we are trying to shape a strong consortium made of theatre halls or cultural organizations with strong expertise in one of the following topics: classical music, acting, set-designing, stage mechanics, lyrical singing, drama writing.
EU countries with special focus on Germany, Austria and France, EFTA and IPA countries

Cultural organizations interested in being partners or in leading an innovative project proposal that we are developing under the Creative Europe call for proposals related to the European Year of cultural Heritage 2018 (LINK: https://eacea.ec.europa.eu/sites/eacea-site/files/2._call_notice_eacea_35_2017-culture-ce-2018_en_.pdf). The call’s deadline is 22.11.2017.

If interested, please get in touch no later than October 20, 2017.