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Art Gallery “Galería Max Estrella “ (Ave del Arte S.L)
Short description
Max Estrella is working since its creation on the promotion of young artists, paying special attention to Spanish and Latin American creators. A curiosity for the issues art of the last decades is confronting has led the gallery to take interest in all disciplines and genres. Max Estrella looks for a balance between exhibitions by well-known and emergent artists.
Through the last 23 years, the gallery has organized more than 130 exhibitions in its space, creating an international collector network. As the gallery works on the representation of its artists, it maintains a permanent collaboration with museums and institutions all over the world.
Max Estrella is pursuing the development of a new model of art gallery, working not only within the white cube walls but outdoors as well, engaging new agents and reaching new audiences. This way, a new initiative in parallel with the existing institution is being developed. The gallery will start promoting projects whose production and reproduction methods are based on social exchange, unfolding new possibilities of expression, analysis, cooperation and commitment known as extradisciplinary investigations (term created by the art critic Brian Holmes), increasingly present in current artistic practices.
Following this aspiration, in 2017, Max Estrella organized a public exhibition at the village of San Lorenzo de El Escorial -a municipality 45 km from Madrid, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its monuments and history. It is in El Escorial Monastery where the collection of the Museo del Prado begun. Under this idea of collecting and patronage and in association with the City Hall, renowned contemporary artists were invited to intervene in plazas, gardens and patios with works specifically created for the occasion. More info on this initiative is available at: http://www.maxestrella.com/exhibiti...
After this positive experience Max Estrella wants to develop the project with a European dimension, this time willing to support creative forms that will be adapted to a different context than the one of the gallery and at the same time they are projects that are hardly ever included in the current art market dynamics.
This reflection has led us to identify the following strengths and assets of our gallery’s structure to participate in an international project:
- Experience and know-how in maintaining contact with the main agents of the contemporary art sector, at national and international level - Capacity to detect market trends and new contemporary art practices - Organizational agility to adapt to sector challenges and needs - Good number of artists represented by the gallery who work following our curatorial guidelines while developing their careers
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Visual Arts, Culture and Development, Performing Arts
A) We are willing to cooperate as partners in any projects related with some of the following Creative Europe programme priorities: - Audience development - Mobility of arts and artworks (residences, performances, exhibits, etc) - new business models - Cultural heritage
B) On the other hand, we are looking for partners to cooperate in our project (small scale). Overall objectives: to enhance Cultural Heritage in relation to contemporary creation, to promote mobility among European artists and culture professionals, developing new audiences as well as business models for contemporary art galleries and culture organisations.
One of the main objectives of the project is to raise awareness of current meeting points between Europe’s cultural heritage and contemporary art.Within this framework, we will focus on the established cultural offer flux between the periphery and the city in order to generate new relations among them. Max Estrella gallery will foster interventions by artists in those peripheral areas reinforcing this previous idea. This way, their mobility will be one of the main objectives of the project supporting artists residences out of their ateliers.
The exchange of artists and professionals through this network of territories will facilitate the access to contemporary creation in areas where culture or leisure activities related to contemporary art practices are less accessible, using participatory art practices inspired by traditions and knowledge disappearing nowadays, as well as involving the artists in workshops and educational activities in those areas where they will intervene.
The outcomes we are seeking through this project are the integration of those practices in the current working structure of the private art gallery as well as the research initiation on the protection of intangible cultural heritage forms through contemporary art practices.
A non-exhaustive list of the project stages could be the following:
• Creation of an interactive map gathering the places and celebrations where the artistic projects take place • Residencies and development of art projects in-situ • Documentary film of the artistic interventions • Public showcase of the results in each of the participating countries • Analysis, exchanges and good practices for new business models for art galleries and other cultural centres • Other internal and external activities for audience development
Max Estrella has already develop a similar project at El Escorial (Spain) on july 2017.

Historical towns, art galleries, cultural foundations and centres, located in areas with a rich Cultural Heritage

LEADERS OR PARTNERS. Max Estrella is open to be a member of a similar project that may fit.
We are also looking for partners to start and develop an international exchange of participatory art projects and exhibitions that will take place in the public space and mostly in areas where culture or leisure activities related to contemporary art practices are less accessible.
Cultural Organization, Art /Visual arts, Culture councils at public institutions