პარტნიორთა მოძიება - ესპანეთი Carmen Lidón Beltrán Mir. Artdidaktion. (artdidaktion.usal.es). Faculty of Fine Arts. Unive

ესპანეთი Carmen Lidón Beltrán Mir. Artdidaktion. (artdidaktion.usal.es). Faculty of Fine Arts. University of Salamanca.

Carmen Lidón Beltrán Mir. Artdidaktion. (artdidaktion.usal.es). Faculty of Fine Arts. University of Salamanca. Spain.
Short description
Artdidaktion is an art action&research group at the University of Salamanca that works in creation, education and management visual art projects, connecting contemporary art and new means of cultural transformation through art.
In our projects work professionals from different fields: visual arts, education, philosophy, history, performing arts, music, technologies, etc.
Some Artdidaktion´s objectives are: to approach art experiences to different groups, understanding these processes as means of personal development; Working through art in the social problems to develop human values as a base of social renewal; Promote cultural transformations from citizenship as an active agent of change. All this is based on the own artistic creation and our students of fine arts as means of training, promotion and dissemination of their work. And to share the work of young artists at risk of exclusion as a mean of access to the work.
Its activities include: Art workshops in schools, libraries, museums, and other alternative to institutional spaces. Exhibitions of student art and citizens. Design of new didactic resources like guides, CDs, online activities, etc. Meetings between professionals of art, artistic spaces and artistic education. Managing projects of applied research for artists and users of contemporary art.
LONG-TERM WORK AREAS: Society (Education, Mediation, Training). Art (Creation, Self-management, Formation). Management (Production, Exhibition, Promotion). Design (Technologies). Economy (Creative). Work (Labor Insertion of young artists). Culture (Expanded). Web: http://artdidaktion.usal.es/
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Visual Arts & Arts Management&Art Mediation&Cultural Development
FIRST PROPOSAL: STARS. Searching Through Art a Renewed Sky The next course prof. Carmen L. Beltrán (Artdidaktion. Salamanca. Spain) will be staying in Postdam (Germany), between September 15, 2017 and July 15, 2018. She´s interested in visiting different European Countries to: -Sharing a new project (“STARS”) with those who is interested in participating. -Exchange experiences of art and their management. -Try to form a group to set up a joint proposal to be presented in any EU call between the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. At the moment, we want to spread this call, in order to trace possible itineraries of visits.
"STARS" is a short workshop of visual arts. This project is the starting point for a first contact with potential partners. Through the visits and agreements, we can design new proposals.
OBJECTIVES OF “STARS” PROJECT * Promote an art action as a mean to renewing positive thinking. * Disseminate the art experience among rural communities away from the artistic circuits, as a form of cultural development. * Explore new ways, means and resources of creation and diffusion of artistic proposals through technological supports.
Portugal, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Finland, Austria, Slovenia, ... and those who have interest and previously agreed.
Museums, Cultural Centres, Universities, Artists Association, Companies…
We are open to integrate us in other team that works towards this objectives. Thank you very much for your attention.