პარტნიორთა მოძიება - ესპანეთი Diputación de Granada – Granada Provincial Council

ესპანეთი Diputación de Granada – Granada Provincial Council

Diputación de Granada – Granada Provincial Council
Short description
The Provincial Council of Granada is a supralocal and intermediate government with the recognised constitutional right to manage, with complete autonomy, the specific interests of the province of Granada.
The Provincial Council of Granada, in its status as a local public entity and assisting body to 169 municipalities, carries out a policy supporting balanced and sustainable development in the province, promoting, with this common aim, measures and actions in the most diverse fields: provincial development, equal opportunities and youth, culture and heritage, tourism, environment and renewable energies, social well-being, works, etc.
Contact details
Laura Velasco García / lauravelascog@gmail.com / 34 651948193
The project main idea is to encourage a wider knowledge of caves heritage in Europe through the built of a common story, the CAVE STORY. This story will be used to reinforce the sense of belonging to a community and to develop actions in order to promote the transnational mobility, the audicence development and the capacity building of each partner.
Underground cavities and troglodytes assets are a very important part of the European cultural heritage. The caves form a part of the European culture, in traditional manners of life but; in spite of their high values, they are not still recognized as part of our cultural common heritage. Besides, the own inhabitants of the regions with caves do not recognize in them a cultural values since these areas had been linked historically to a precarious manners of life and to a few marginal populations. The territories selected are municipalities with  geographically homogeneous areas of caves which attends to different realities and to different historical evolution but they have in common the necessity recognize the cultural value of this heritage. The interest of the caves heritage regard not only about the material cultural (historic building, environmental ) assets but also immaterial assets (ethnologic value,  Cultural assets will become the pivotal point of a system which involves
These objectives will be reached through different action according with these main lines:
  1. Build a local story about CAVES in each territory. 
  2. Compilation of stories and creation the European story of Caves or CAVESTORY 
  3. Definition a dissemination program of the CAVASTORY in each territory with the participation of local agent (public bodies, entrepreneurs or artistic communities)  in three levels:
    • Public bodies
    • Cultural agents of the territories
    • Artistic groups of each area
The beneficiaries of the actions will be the local population, paying special attention to young people, local people who has been living and using caves and marginal groups.
Results expected:
  • Create a European CAVES STORY, as essential part of European Cultural Heritage. This story could be used for implement actions in the future in the territories involved.
  • Defined a permanent structure of the partnership
  • Link towns and villages in a network in such a way to integrate the caves heritage
  • Create a common story for the knowledge of these cultural assets.
  • To encourage the discovery of caves as a cultural heritage.
  • To improve the inhabitant’s knowledge about their own cultural heritage in order to eliminate the traditional segregation …..
  • Launching artistic initiatives regarding CAVES
  • Launching cultural initiatives regarding CAVES 
France, Italy, Tunez 

1/ Public administrations of the territories involved.
2/ Associations or legal entities that work on heritage and cultural issues
3/ Private companies. Know – how of the project at technological level