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Fundación Banco Santander

Short description
Our Organization has a cultural, humanistic, educational and scientific commitment and works intensively towards the conservation, promotion and dissemination of art and the promotion of education, understood as a driving force for progress.
We have specific experience in educational programs involving residencies for creators/educators in which students, teachers and artists work together horizontally towards the creation of an artistic project.
In the 25 years that the Foundation has spent contributing towards social and cultural improvements in the communities in which Banco Santander is present, its field of action has increased to encompass a wide variety of areas: art, music, literature, education, environment, social aid and the promotion of young talent.
Banco Santander is the largest bank in the eurozone. It has a strong and focused presence in many core markets across Europe and the Americas.

Contact details
Susana Gómez San Segundo sugomez@gruposantander.com
Fundación Banco Santander Serrano St, 92, 2D 28006 Madrid España

Education, audience development, contemporary creation (drama, sound creation, visual arts, performance, transmedia arts, narrative) cohabitation and conflict in schools.

We are looking for public and privates partners in a cooperation project. We would like to build a program based on residencies for European artists in schools in different countries. The program places the artist in the classroom so he or she can work alongside the students and teachers on an artistic project. Artistic proposals should tackle the tensions/conflicts/resistance experienced by the students, with a particular emphasis on problems of a migratory and cohabitational nature. Residence´s results will be shown at cultural centers.
Our general objectives: -To bring new audiences in closer contact with the processes of artistic creation -To impact on education with tools for artistic co-creation and favour the development of an inclusive society.

Portugal, Germany, UK and Poland (we already have Poland on board)

Cultural Centre ,cultural associations, any institutions involved in contemporary creation and arts. Organizations specialized in audience development for cultural projects.