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ესპანეთი Intangia Association

Intangia Association
Short description
Intangia is a non-profit association created in 2009 with registered offices in the Autonomous Community of Navarre and with nationwide scope throughout Spain. The association currently has more than 180 associates from the culture and creativity industries, from different artistic disciplines: music, audiovisual media, publishing, plastic arts, computing, websites and multimedia, dance, graphic and industrial design, fashion, urban art, scientific research, education and crafts. The Intangia Association provides the necessary tools for all these creative sectors to be able to directly or individually manage their copyrights, the said tools being of 3 types:
-   Training and learning instruments on the ways to manage and use  their copyrights (via seminars, conferences, courses, written guides, magazines and specialised publications);
-  Legal instruments for the direct management of their copyright exploitation rights (providing a legal database and free specialised intellectual property advisory service, as well as a department to deal with the procedures for intellectual and industrial property registrations);
-  Technical instruments to ensure that their works are suitably protected, particularly in the digital sphere, (study and research into tools  for the technical protection and management of Internet rights, anti-copy systems, watermarks, conditions of use, licences and contracts for the use of creative works in the digital sphere).

Contact details
Web site www.intangia.es  
contact project director: conchi@intangia.es  -Conchi Cagide Torres-
C/ San Julián, nº 22  31171 Ororbia-Navarra-Spain.
Tf. +34948321399
SC- Self Copyright- promotion of the self-management of copyrights in the EU – interdisciplinary project related to the management of copyrights within the European territory -.
The aim is to pass on the benefits of individual and direct management of copyrights to other European associations, exchanging experiences with them and informing other cultural and creative associations about these new copyright management models, and about the tools provided by the Intangia Association, applying self-management tools for their copyrights. Our aim is to forge as many alliances as possible with European cultural and artistic entities interested in having tools to manage their copyrights individually. This cooperation project intends to promote training workshops and meetings where needs are analyzed, practical workshops to apply self-management systems, to promote the tools at a technological level and to obtain useful information for the valuation of copyrights, taking the opportunity to carry out joint creative activities to promote both the authors and the project.
On the date of this search there are 3 partners: Intangia Association –Spain-, MAP MUSIC ARTS PROJECT Association –Germany-, and STREET SMART association –Serbia; we need 3 more associations from European states to present a large-scale project.

Associations representative of artist and creative company.