პარტნიორთა მოძიება - ესპანეთი Junta del Valle de la Aezkoa

ესპანეთი Junta del Valle de la Aezkoa

Junta del Valle de la Aezkoa
Short description
Public institution that represents 9 villages of the Aezkoa Valley, Navarre, Spain. It works as a social, cultural and environmental operator, organizing cultural activities for its inhabitants. It holds  continuous and stable relations  with municipalities beyond the French frontier, cooperating in the development of joint activities.
Contact details
Project manager:
Arturo Cisneros arturocisneros.samper@gmail.com
Folk dance and music in rural areas 
Promote, value and foster European intangible heritage. Provide folckloric artists of a cultural basis to develop new repertories based on them. In a first step, legends and oral tradititions will be colected and artist will use this material to create new songs and dances to foster knowledge and circulation of European intangible heritage.

One of the main points in the project is the professionalism and internationalization of folkloric element's and artists in rural areas, as well as to promote transnational circulation of folkloric artists fostering intercultural dialogs to share knowledges  among diferent territories
Foster cultural creativity working in rural areas and forests using their traditions and counting on the participation of their inhabitants.
Audience development in rural areas trough participating processes to promote inclusion and accesibility. In a first step the rural population will collect legends and oral traditions. In a second step, they will take part in the repertories, for instance in the design of art elements, manufacturing clothes, or taking part of the performances
The repertories worked in the frame of the project will be held in all the territories taking part into the project. We are also thinking in collaborators , festivals, to host the project as guest
Countries with minors idioms and / or cultures and with a strong folkloric tradition, especially in dance and music. Territories in rural areas or linked to the forests and mountains in their traditions and / or way of life.
Taking into account that mostly of folkloric artists are not professional in north of Spain, we are looking for partners in territories where folkloric artist are professional or at least, well organized.

Dance and music folk associations, artists, schools or festivals interested in develop new repertories and exchange their knowledge and traditions.
Institutions that works in the fields of communication, marketing or any other aspect in the professionalization of artists.