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Municipality of Alicante
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Department of Culture: development of cultural and artistic activities

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Giulia Varotto: varotto.giulia@gmail.com
Antonio Lafuente: antoniolafuentegarcia@gmail.com

(TIM is a project of artistic research and creation of new theatre shows in which several European artists will collaborate with refuges communities, working on the theme of the memory and identity, and how the combination of these two aspects. The objective is to use theatre as a tool to favour multicultural dialogue and integration between different communities and enlarge possibility of employment, knowledge and experience exchange between artists at international level.
The project will involve 4 independent theatre company (Spain, Greece, Italy already confirmed) and a public Spanish theatre, who will develop a project of the creation of three new performances which will conclude with a European festival in Alicante (Spain). The groups of Spain, Greece, and the new one we are looking for will handle the creation of the new shows, each one with his own artists and in his own language. The other partners will have other roles.
Each of the theatre company will select a specific target of refugees’ community and local inhabitants of his town to work with, and develop the creative process combining phases of autonomous work in his country with international residences with the other companies.
The project will be divided into two main phases:
  1. International theatre plays production
  2. European Festival

This will be the main part of the project
The aim is for one hand to develop new artistic creations and codes aimed at using theater as a tool to promote dialogue and integration between different communities, and on the other hand to set up a network of European artists to wider their international carrier opportunities and improve their knowledge and experiences.
The main points of this stage will be:
  1. Work at national level, each group with the community of his own city, in order to create a deeper dialogue between them. Each partner will freely develop his work, according to his experience, artistic code, and idea for the performance. The work will include theatre workshops, meeting with the local communities, and so on. With this material each theatre company will start to develop his theatre creation.
  2. Work at European level through 3 international residences in the countries of the three companies responsible for the shows production. During the residences the groups will exchange moment of work between them to enrich their artistic development. Moreover they will meet the refugees’ communities of the other country hosting the residence, thus creating bigger possibilities of dialogue, visions and comprehension of the European refugees’ situation.

The produced show will be performed in the first edition of the European Theatre festival, which will be held in the city of Alicante (Spain).
All the shows will be performed in their original languages and with Spanish subtitles. The translation will be another part of the project done by collaborating with students of the Official Language School of Alicante.

Here follows a synthetic work plan, showing how we imagine to carry out the keys points of the project.

October 2018: beginning of the project.

January 2019 – January 2020: Investigation and production of the new theatre shows. The residences will be distributed during this time -more or less one each three/four months- in order to share all the different phases of the creative process.

January 2020 – August 2020: Translation of the texts and festival preparation

September 2020: European Festival in Alicante.
Tunisia, Portugal, Germany, Malta

Independent theatre group, with experience in theatre productions with investigation and development of a personal and innovative artistic code. The idea is to produce a ‘medium size’ show, with about 3-4 artists involved. The main field must be theatre and a show with text and with an original dramaturgy, but is positively considered a group with multidisciplinary approach, able to include for example dance or music, or circus arts and so on.
The main idea of the creative process is to only to create a new show, but to base it on a phase of investigation process, in which the theatre group will find his own way to cooperate with refugees communities of his city, in order to involve them in the creative process. For this reason we are looking for a theatre group interested in develop this kind of activity that is much more articulated than a normal show production.