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ესპანეთი ÖSRM & ÖJRM

ÖSRM & ÖJRM Symphony Orchestra Foundation of the Region of Murcia
Short description
The ÖSRM Foundation aims, the ownership and management, non-profit, in its musical, administrative, technical and economic aspects of two symphonic ensembles called "Symphony Orchestra of the Region of Murcia" (hereinafter, ÖSRM) and "Youth Orchestra of the Region of Murcia" (hereinafter ÖJRM), to promote through both formations and its components, the musical activity in the Murcia Region and beyond, through concerts, publications, promotion of composers, music education, training of young spectators, dissemination of the musical wealth of the Region of Murcia outside its territorial scope, recordings and any others that result in the enrichment, enjoyment, knowledge and dissemination of music among the citizens of Europe.

In its 30 years of operation, by the ÖJRM (dean of the Spanish youth formations) passed about a thousand musicians from the Region. Hundreds of them currently hold positions of artistic, musical and teaching responsibility in conservatories, orchestras and musical institutions throughout Spain and many countries.

The ÖSRM offers two cycles of Symphonic Subscription in Murcia, whose concerts are recorded by RNE – Radio Nacional de España, and broadcast on Radio Clásica, and in Cartagena, as well as School Concert and Family Concert, through which it is intended to stimulate the approach of children and young people to classical music. In addition, he participates actively in the Great Concerts and Dance of the Víctor Villegas Auditorium in Murcia.

The Youth Orchestra of the Region of Murcia (ÖJRM) is one of the oldest, most important and emblematic projects in the Region of Murcia, with almost 36 years of existence. The ÖJRM is the dean of the orchestras of young people in Spain, being since its creation reference in the cultural and musical field of all Spain.The purpose of the ÖJRM is to offer young people of the Region of Murcia the opportunity to enhance their musical and personal development by participating in a project that combines musical excellence with the personal global development of young people with more artistic and musical talent and talent. of the Region of Murcia, always under an environment of teamwork.

The ÖJRM has a complete symphonic template that allows you to tackle any style and musical project. In addition to the symphonic work, the ÖJRM also enhances chamber music among the orchestra's components by promoting and supporting the creation and development of chamber groups in its midst.
The main objectives:
  1. The musical training of young instrumentalists, with criteria of high qualification and excellence, as a prior and absolutely recommended step to their full access to the professional world.
  2. The dissemination of the orchestral repertoire in the territory of the Region of Murcia and beyond.
  3. Collaboration with interpreters, directors and composers from the Region of Murcia and beyond, offering special attention to young talent.
  4. Serve as a stimulus to young people who demonstrate high abilities and a special inclination towards the cultivation of music.
  5. The training directed to instrumentalists, composers and directors that form or not part of the ÖJRM (external courses).
  6. The promotion of new values.
  7. Collaborate, within its sphere of action, in the integral formation of its members.

Contact details
Website: http://sinfonicaregiondemurcia.com/
Email: contabilidadosrm@gmail.com - Victoria Hernández Sánchez
            gerencia@osrm.es – Alberto Garre Martínez
Contact number: (+34) 968924171
Instagram: @osrmurcia__
Facebook: facebook.es/OSRMurcia
Twitter: @OSRMurcia
Music, Culture, Art, Heritage,…

The ÖSRM Foundation would like to find partners in Europe to establish partnership in the field of transnational mobility of artists and professionals, improve intercultural dialogue, promote the shared values of the EU and mutual understanding and respect for other cultures, expand access to cultural works through the audience development and reinforce the sense of belonging to a common European area.

All eligible countries
Institutions and organizations interested in working with artists from all over the world, young people and audiences developmet in performing arts such as live music shows, Music Festivals, cultural organizations, associations that promote transnational movility of artists and artworks.