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Telliskivi Creative City
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Telliskivi Creative City is a unique and special place. A work and leisure environment so effortlessly growing, progressing and developing is a rare sight even worldwide. Telliskivi Creative City has a black box theatre, galleries, rooms for discussions and workshops. Creative City is home for everything new. We offer a friendly and supportive environment for the good and fragile ideas to emerge and grow
Telliskivi Creative City is an independent business hub, completely based on private ownership. It is a major act of reclaiming urban space: an old industrial territory springing to life, existing architecture finding new and alternative purposes. This kind of a setting is an excellent precondition for unique and inventive solutions. The Creative City spans 25 000 mand consists of 10 buildings. Currently there are over 200 businesses, companies and NGOs operating on the premises. People quickly came to embrace the location for leisure activities, making it a daily destination for locals and visitors alike. Telliskivi extends the Tallinn downtown across the railway tracks, offering a cosy and artistic alternative to the sights and nightlife of the Old Town.
The possibilities in Telliskivi are limited only by one’s imagination. Besides offices, ateliers, studios, workshops, rehearsal spaces, shops and clubs, the territory contains a bike shop, bread factory, print shop, concert hall, theatre stage, several cafes, galleries, bars and restaurants. Especially large events can take place in our courtyard. For example the Tallin Street Food Festival attracted around 18 000 visitors in 2016.
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Cultural heritage, Food culture, Visual arts, Street Festivals, Education, Workshops
Telliskivi House as a creative industry center in Tallinn plans a multidisciplinary cooperation project focusing on the use of food waste in different cultures as well as on how food waste will influence our food culture in the future. By collaborating with professional cooks and photographers as well as street food festivals we aim at introducing zero waste consumption models and their use in new food businesses.
We would like to cooperate with organizations, which are active in food management or food waste research. Partnership and expertise of professional cooks and photographers is also of great value to us. Organizations that develop audience development methods, and finally, organizations working in the field of new media art and digital technology.
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