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იტალია La Bilancia soc. coop. a r. l.

La Bilancia soc. coop. a r. l.
Short description
LaBilancia is a social cooperative company founded in 1979 whose main mission is to promote and spread new drama and Italian comedy through the independent production of live shows and a permanent commitment in the production of festivals, contests and publishing initiatives. It produced more than 200 prose performances and now manages two theatres in the main Italian cities (Milan and Rome). It has launched 2 projects, “Italian Theatrical Comedies” (http://www.commedieitaliane.it) and the contest “A comedy searching for authors” ("Una commedia in cerca di autori®"), a contest for emerging playwrights, whose prize was the production of the show and a national tour.

Contact details
Via R. Pitteri 58, 20134 Milano – Tel 0236580010 –- info@labilancia.it
- www.labilancia.it -www.teatromartinitt.it - www.teatroservi.it
Stefano Marafante – Tel. 063243134 - marafante@labilancia.it
The EUROCOMEDIES project intends to co-write, product and tour the first European Comedy play to prove the European transnational circulation of a play of this theatrical genre can overcome linguistic bounderies.


EUROCOMEDIES project is an international initiative promoted by European theatre production players. The project aims to promote the genre of comedy at international level, foster the circulation of new plays and talented playwrights and create career and mobility opportunities for artists and professionals involved.
The main barrier to the transnational circulation of comedies in Europe is represented by the linguistic and cultural differences among countries that at the same time are probably ones of the richest values of European cultural heritage to be preserved and maintained.
This is even more true when talking about the theatrical genre of comedy. The success of a comedy is indeed mainly based on the jokes, the shades of meaning and the "tit-for-tat" exchanges among actors that are strongly steeped of national and local expressions and sayings.
EUROCOMEDIES aspires to co-write, product and circulate comedies in Europe preserving the unicity of each creative works through translation, adaptation and staging in different languages. Secondly, the project aims to stage the pilot play of the first EURO Comedy, establishing an international company of bilingual or trilingual actors in order to tour the pilot in every partners’ theaters of the consortium for at least 15 days of performance: this duration is fundamental in order to give the project the right visibility and to measure the quality of the project itself.
All the activities implemented within the EUROCOMEDIES are aimed to make the methodology sustainable and replicable. The project will have a direct and strong impact on the theatre industry enhancing the circulation of works that otherwise would have a distribution at international level and creating employment and career development opportunities for the professionals involved and for future development.

Spain, France and one from East Europe
Theatrical productions enterprises which manage theater halls of at least 200 seats. The partner of the consorsium have to have the possibility to hold the pilot play for at least 15 days of performance
(considering that La Bilancia (IT) will hold the pilot play for 15 days in Milan, Teatro Martinitt and for 18 days in Rome, Teatro de’ Servi).