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იტალია Mulab Cultural Association

Mulab Cultural Association
Short description
Mulab is a non-profit Cultural Association focused on research, promotion, production, networking, counseling and training in Industry Cultural Sector. For 10 years it works at national and international level in cultural fields, developing programs on Performing Arts. It is and has been part of relevant European Projects Partnership and platforms.
  • Erasmus+ Key Action 2/Fondo Sociale Europeo – Project: Talent Matching: Vocational Mentoring for I-VET in Europe's Creative Industries 2015 /2018
  • Erasmus+ Key Action 2/Fondo Sociale Europeo – Project: CREUS Developing and nurturing the vocational transversal skills of disadvantaged young people through creative, non-formal learning in unconventional spaces 2017 /2019.
  • Leonardo Da Vinci / Fondo Sociale Europeo –EURO ASPIRE (Sviluppo e Trasferimento di innovazione). 2010/ 2012
  • Leonardo Da Vinci / Fondo Sociale Europeo –EURO ARCO (Trasferimento di innovazione). 2012/ 2014
  • Leonardo Da Vinci / Fondo Sociale Europeo –ECLN European Cultural Learning Network (Network Europei). 2012/2015
  • Leonardo Da Vinci / Fondo Sociale Europeo – Progetto ON SCENE (Sviluppo dell’Innovazione). 2012/ 2014
  • Leonardo Da Vinci / Fondo Sociale Europeo – EuroAspire Mobility  
  • Leonardo Da Vinci / Fondo Sociale Europeo – Progetto STEP (Sviluppo e Trasferimento di innovazione). 2008 / 2010

On 2015 with the project “WINJazz – WomenInJazz” won the Jazz Grant of Italian Ministry of culture. 
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“WInJazz – Women in Jazz”
The project aims to work on gender balance and equality in a European context, strengthening women's empowerment in jazz and mobility among artists.
It’s focused on "young professional leaders", leaders of their original projects at their first original album (or project).
It wants to give continuity to the previous two editions of “WInJazz” in 2015 and 2016 realized thanks to the Italian Ministry of Culture and Rome Municipality financial support, in Italy and abroad with the same partnership of this project.

Specifically, it proposes:
- to foster the professional growth of jazz artists, both in a national and international context;
- to enhance the exchange of experiences between jazz artists and their mobility among European countries, thus creating new professional opportunities;
- to strengthen the network by fostering meetings between jazz artists and industry practitioners (promotion agencies, labels, management, press offices, etc.), thus increasing their visibility and creating new job opportunities and professional growth.

The primary target group of the project are women in jazz.
Specifically, we identify a specific sub-group coming out from the analysis contest really emarginated:

- "Young Professional Leaders". Leaders of their original projects, at their first original album (or project), easily documented through physical or digital support and with a curriculum vitae under development. No active record label contract.
This target group also include artists with an already respected curriculum vitae as a "session musician" and not as a leader.  A public international contest will select these artists. There are no age limits, but particular focus is to the 18-35 age range and to women playing rare instruments for female.

Associated targets:
- audience, the audience present at the planned activities, musicians, men and women, part of training, networking sessions and all events opened to the public;
- musicians involved in the artist's projects or the transnational exchange activities;
- industry Sector and Practitioner (Labels, Producers, Press Offices, Management)
-technicians (sound engineers, light technicians, etc.) involved in networking and performance events.

  1. Delivering of an International Contest (IT) to select in total n. 20 "Young Professional Leaders” coming from the partners countries. Artists will be selected by a jury of music and jazz experts  in a live events. The artists selected will participate to all the following activities.
  1. Two international networking events (KERMESSE) (Poland and UK)
where to meet the practitioner of various sectors in music: labels, management, radio, journalists. Desks will be arranged with the materials of the attendants and encounter in the "meeting tables" so that will be possible to speak directly with the artists and the practitioner industry sector. Interviews with journalists interested in the Women In Jazz project will be scheduled so that the artists can create useful links for the future. Within each event, a stage will be set up to allow open session space among the attending artists.
Specific activities for each networking event:
  • An open space (messe) with tables and stands for the encounters between artists and cultural operators and experts
  • A seminary, workshop, where create a debate on gender balance in jazz, with musicians, testimony of professional women musicians, sector experts, other…
  • Final open jazz session with all artists  
  • During the UK kermesse, an ALBUM RECORDING with all artists selected  will be produced in the Chocolat Factory studios. A musical director will be in charge for arrangements.
  1. Training and mentoring
Realization of specific training and educational sessions for “Young professional leaders” selected. Sessions will include a national individual part with training and tutorial on music aspects (arrangement, harmony, band management, repertory) leaving from the young leader compositions. It will include, also, a second part focused on networking, management, project leading aspects on Webinar platform with all artists together and opened to the public audience. Experts will lead this sessions.
  1. Four Festivals (Croatia, Poland, Italy, UK)
attended by the "Young Professional Leader" contest winners who will perform with local musicians. During the Festivals, there will be workshops where all present artists and local musicians can link and collaborate.  
  1. Final dissemination event in Rijeka(CR)
Final event for the dissemination of the project results will be organized at the end of the project (2020) in Croatia, next to their festival. Considering Rijeka will be the culture capital in 2020 new audiences and stakeholders will be reached.  

May 2018 – may 2020

Partners involved in the project
Collage Arts – London (UK) – partner
Fundacia Arterja (PL) – partner
Prostor Plus (CR) – partner
All European countries

Cultural association focused of music issues and/or young artists, with a strong network and capacity in music context, better in jazz (knowledge of specific sector, different actors, context).European project experience
Partner will be involved in:
  • spreading the international contest call in its country;
  • let participate and support their national artists selected, in the activities listed before;
  • organizing a national Festival for abroad artists in its own country with local musicians;
  • contribute to project dissemination and communication;
  • co-financing the 40% of its budget part