პარტნიორთა მოძიება - იტალია University of Rome “TOR VERGATA” (Rome 2)

იტალია University of Rome “TOR VERGATA” (Rome 2)

University of Rome “TOR VERGATA” (Rome 2)
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One of the most relevant Universities in Italy:
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Partner of the platform “Ormete - orality, memory and theatre”

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Theater, festival, memory, oral history, performing arts


Aim of the project:
Developing a European cooperation network aimed at internationalizing and consolidating the ORMETE network - orality, memory and theatre - already active since 2012 at the Italian national level. Exploiting methods and tools by the oral history, ORMETE creates, collects, preserves, uploads on the web and studies stories and personal memoirs on the XX° century theater. Its aim is to improve and valorize at most all the forms of theatrical oral sources in order to study and understand at best the art of theatre.
Specific Objectives:

  1. To strengthen the oral sources ordered at documenting the history of the European theater through the creation of an intergenerational system of transmission of interviews, opinions and judgments.
  2. To increase the use of theatrical oral sources for the study and the clarification of the cultural and social value of the theater
  3. To generate new transnational collaboration among visual artists, performers, theatrical practitioners and researchers ordered at implementing within some pilot theatrical Festivals new ways of narrating and visualizing its own cultural heritage and history
  4. To activate new audience-building strategies aimed at increasing awareness of the cultural value of theater and the critical thinking of young European generations
All the EU countries, plus the other Creative Europe Programme countries
  1. Theatrical festivals targeted to intercultural issues with clear territorial roots in small-medium sized European cities, with an experience of at least twenty editions
  2. Other Organizations working on the oral cultural heritage
  3. Research center or other type or organization with experience in managing audience development strategies or policies
  4. ICT companies with strong experience in managing cultural web platforms and related services