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კვიპროსი Culture and sports Association PAOK

Culture and sports Association PAOK

Short description
PAOK funded in 1949 in Klirou targeting to engage youth in cultural and sports activities. During that period of time, the opportunities for “leisuring” were very limited and available only for the upper wealthy class, therefore PAOK provided the opportunity for middle and low class people to engage in Cultural and Sports activities. Through the years PAOK enriched its activities with football team, traditional dancing group, theatre group, musical band and educational seminars. PAOK performs not only in Cyprus but also abroad in International Folklore Dancing Festivals.
Its annual program includes:
Dance performances, TV broadcasting participations, participation is national and European festivals, Dance trainings, Songs writing, Youth events, Football leagues, voluntary activities.

Contact details
(Mrs.) Polina Stavrou,
e-mail: polinastavrou@yahoo.gr
Cultural heritage

We are a culture organisation with volunteers in a local community in Cyprus. Through the years we manage to establish our common values mechanism gaining communities respect for preserving our heritage. Voluntarism and culture together can create social capital that is an essential aspect to the coherence of a society. Therefore a european project promoting cultural aspects like dancing, songs, music, traditional handicrafts and occupations can assist the sustainability of the European Value . The idea is to implement Pan European Folklore/Heritage Festivals. Each partner will organize a folklore festival in its city/community and also will participate in others’ partners’ festivals.
Activities: Dance performances, Traditional songs and music, presentation of traditional occupations, handicrafts training. We cannot lead this project due to program restrictions but we invite organisations who have the capacity to lead this project and other organisations to be partners

All eligible countries

All types of organizations, associations and public cultural institutions, folklore associations, cultural/handicraft centers etc.