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კვიპროსი Cyprus Theatre Museum

Cyprus Theatre Museum
Short description
The Cyprus Theatre Museum is a non-governmental foundation that was established in 2012 in Cyprus with the following aims:
1. To become a study center for any interested researcher or visitor on the history of theatre in Cyprus.
2. To contribute to the presentation of the history of theatre in Cyprus through the promotion of the solid historical and cultural journey of the island.
3. To preserve and exhibit any object which is historically related to theatrical activity in Cyprus.
4. To collect photographic and any other printed material associated with the history of theatre in Cyprus.
5. To uplift the art of theatre through the preservation, accommodation and promotion of the museum archive.
6. To research, document and describe the spaces in which theatre productions took place in Cyprus.
7. To contribute to the research in approaches and techniques towards theatre as an art form and a cultural happening.
8. The establishment, presentation, preservation, administration, exploitation and management of a theatre museum and archive on the history of theatre in Cyprus.
Our main educational strategy encompasses activities for school visits and families as well as other groups of people such as theatre practitioners, artists, academics in the field of theatre studies and others.
Contact details
Cyprus Theatre Museum 8, Panos Solomonides Street, 3032, Limassol
Contact person:
Natalia Kouhartsiouk
tel. +357 25343464
Museum education, museology, theatre, audience development, creative learning approaches, workers’ mobility/training, capacity building, archiving/digitalization of material.
We are interested in becoming a partner organisation in projects where we can learn and develop our expertise, exchange experiences and work on innovative approaches and practices - especially in the audience development area. We also welcome any interesting ideas where our experience may be needed; for instance, designing creative approaches to learning in cultural spaces. We are especially interested in collaborating with other museums, cultural heritage preservation institutions and theatres.
EU Member States and overseas countries and territories which are eligible to participate in the Programme pursuant to Article 58 of Council Decision 2001/822/EC2 Profile We are particularly (yet not exclusively) interested in collaborating with other museums, cultural heritage preservation institutions and theatres.
We want to be a partner.