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Arts Council Malta 
Short description
Arts Council Malta is the national Maltese agency responsible for the development and investment in the local cultural and creative sector. Its objective is to advocate and be a strategic leader and catalyst for the sector through a national strategy focusing on five main pillars: internationalisation, business development, research, education and training, and diversity and communities. This strategy has been developed and launched in 2016, and is being implemented through ACM’s portfolio of funding programmes aimed at supporting creative practitioners and organisations to carry out projects in the arts, media and other creative industries.
ACM have an active role on policy-making also on an international level, and regularly participate in European research programmes on culture statistics and policy – they hosted the 7th World Summit on Arts and Culture, and the 15th Assembly of Stakeholders and Experts of the Council of Europe, reporting on the Compendium of Cultural Policies & Trends in Europe. ACM have been recently elected as full members of EUNIC New York cluster, the network of European National Institutes for Culture and national bodies, contributing towards advocating for a stronger role for culture in public policies and in external relations, both at European and international level.
ACM is also a beneficiary of two Creative Europe Cooperation projects.
Contact details
Christopher Spiteri
EU Projects Associate
Tel: +356 2339 7018
cultural policy, cultural strategy, intercultural dialogue, intercultural exchange, cultural diversity, capacity-building
ACM is interested to work with other entities/organisation on Cooperation projects focused on one or several of the following areas of interest:
· Projects that promote interdisciplinary and contemporary artistic creation including links with technology/ cultural heritage/ environment ;
· Projects that promote cultural development (training/capacity-building) with third countries especially the Mediterranean region;
· Projects that promote intercultural dialogue and bring communities together through culture;
· Projects inspired by diversity of cultural expressions, and that encourage cultural exchange and the integration in society on a social, cultural, political and economic level;
· Projects that support the entrepreneurial and innovation potential of the CCS;
· Projects that increase cultural participation amongst young audiences;
· Projects that promote access to culture through digital means;
· Projects that promote the inclusion of refugees and migrants;
· Projects that provide networking opportunities for festivals and public cultural organisations since we serve as a national umbrella for all public cultural organisations (excl. Museums).
Any EU and participant countries.
We are interested to join a consortium for European Cooperation projects (small and large). We have experience working in European projects and in proposal writing at national and EU level.