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მოლდოვა Centre of Urbanism

Centre of Urbanism
Short description
The Centre of Urbanism is an initiative in the legal framework of an NGO, from Moldova. Its main goal is to contribute to the
improvement of the life quality of the people and the communities they are part of by actively promoting and contributing to
sustainable urban and rural development. For these we are working on several dimensions, through various levels of
collaborations between private and public organisations, organising workshops and trainings, doing research, publishing and
We believe in participation and inclusiveness, equal rights and improved life quality for everyone.
Our strength is in our multidisciplinarity (urbanism, architecture, sociology, anthropology and ecology), while together we
gather many years of working experience with NGOs, private and public organizations, as well as, international

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Heritage, Urbanism, Architecture etc.

We are working on a project that consists of a series of tours across the city. The main objective out the tours is discovering together the identity of the place we live in (not necessarily tourism; the tours are also not primarily directed towards tourists, but towards inhabitants and locals).
Cities have been poles of development, fight for rights and democracy. Chisinau, the capital of the Republic of Moldova is the biggest and busiest city in the country, where various activity is concentrated. The city itself has an arduous history that is still disputed until today.
In 2017 our organisation - Centre of Urbanism launched the series of free guided city tours for locals and guests “Chisinau through monocle”. The objective of this initiative was to discover the life and the history of the city we all share, regardless the differences between us. At the same time, the long term goal was to involve people in the urban life through learning and sharing that is the first step for citizen engagement. In 2017 we organised 11 tours (in both Romanian and Russian languages) revealing different aspects of the urban life (the lower city, Jewish heritage, Armenian cemetery, inner courts, etc.) that gathered a total of more than 500 people. Having the base of a community, we would like to grow it to make a greater impact in the city.  
We are also working on a project called “Sunday Walks - Community Led City Tours” that comprise a series of city tours conducted by people from communities to share with others their stories and experiences.
The goal of the project is to give voice to people and consolidate the urban communities for their further active involvement and fight for the right to the city.
We plan to organise a series of “Sunday Walks” that will be focused each on one area and/or topic. Through these tours we would like to address topics that will unite and activate the communities, such as and not limited to: the multicultural past of the city, urban mobility for various categories of citizens (children, aged people, people with disabilities) and other topics proposed by people / participants. All the tours will be documented (photo and video). At the end of the project, we propose to publish a printed and online brochure “Tours made by locals” that will contain itineraries, text and photos of all tours of the “Sunday Walks”.
We believe that these tours will make people more acquainted, involved and proud of their city and for us, as organisation, will give a better understanding of needs and strengths of the city that we will address in further projects.
Therefore, the project and the tours act as an instrument towards learning about history, about the life of the city, about needs, about urbanism, about architecture, about the people, and many others. We are collaborating and we are involving people / specialists with different backgrounds, which allows us to truly discover the urban realm, from the inside-out and from many perspectives and points of view.

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