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პოლონეთი GAP Artistic Agency Community Enterprise Ltd.

GAP Artistic Agency Community Enterprise Ltd.

Short description
GAP Artistic Agency Community Enterprise Ltd. has been active since 2013. The team of young people comprising it comes from the Economy and Public Administration Foundation, under the aegis of which it has been realizing projects of cultural character for the past several years. Thanks to this, despite its short period of existence, the Agency can boast of considerable experience and many interesting endeavors.
The Agency’s activity focuses, above all, on the area of culture and art. The enterprise collaborates actively with artistic institutions of higher learning, cultural institutions, local government entities and non-governmental organizations. The Agency’s collaborators include, for instance, the Kraków Academy of Fine Arts, National Centre for Culture, MOCAK Gallery, Open Eyes Economy Summit and Radio Kraków. We have collaborated with f.ex. Krystian Lupa, Oliver Frljic, Adam Zagajewski, Włodek Pawlik.
The Agency offers organizational services for, among others, the following types of events:
  • Concerts and musical shows;
  • Theater shows;
  • Exhibitions and openings;
  • Art education workshops;
  • Fairs, symposia and conferences;
  • Festivals of Art;
  • International partnerships;
  • Themed events, in particular productions addressed to the academic community.

Contact details
Agnieszka Lakner
0048 12 423 76 03

Film literacy, Festival, Photography, Literature, Multimedia, Music, Interdisciplinary projects, Scalpture, Performative arts, Sztuki wizualne / Visual arts, Theatre, Design
We would like to participate as a partner in projects initiated and submitted by another organization. We are interested in joining either a smaller scale or a larger scale cooperation project building on Creative Europe’s priorities. We are particularly interested in projects which focus on music, fine  arts, theater, creative industries, cultural education, economy of art, business etc. We want to learn to constantly develop and bring high quality cultural events to people.
We are open to all ideas that suit our profile, and we strongly believe that, thanks to our experience, engagement and placement in one of the most cultural cities in Poland, we would be an ideal partner in a cooperation project. Also, we would like to suggest and present abroad our theatrical and music productions which offer maverick and high quality art events.
Please note that we are open to cooperating with interested organizations beyond Creative Europe, too, so feel free to contact us even if you do not intend to submit an application to this funding programme in 2017.

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