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პოლონეთი University of Economy

University of Economy

Short description
The mission of the University of Economy is to shape individuals capable of creative and critical thinking, striving for continuous improvement of their knowledge and professional skills up to the standards of knowledge society, taking up social and economic challenges of the present out of a sense of civic duty and respect for human dignity.
The University aims at teaching students both soft and hard skills that are currently essential in multinational and multicultural Europe.
Teachers coming from different parts of the world adapt distictly different approaches to knowledge transfer and share their international experience as well as good practices with our students.
Contact details
Garbary 2, 85-229 Bydgoszcz www.wsg.byd.pl
Małgorzata Adamska +48525670069 dsm@byd.pl

Architecture, Heritage, Film literacy, Festival, Photography, Multimedia, Interdisciplinary projects, Audience development, Visual arts, Design
The project assumes the exchange of artistic and cultural potential between 6 cities of 6 different countries. The leader of the project will be the University of Economy in Bydgoszcz, while partnership will include cities from the following Baltic Countries: Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. In the first stage of the project, a group of young artists representing partner cities (eg musicians, artists, writers, etc.) and cultural professionals (cultural workers, culture animators, etc.) will be formed. Each of the partner cities will be represented by at least 3 artists (in different fields of art) and 2 persons professionally associated with culture (total of 5 people from each partner city). The recruited group (at least 30 people) will take part in 6 editions of the "Festival of Art and Culture of the Baltic Countries" (successively in each partner town). Project participants will spend 2 weeks in each of the partner cities of the project. During the stay there will be open artistic shows (eg concerts, recitals, painting exhibitions), public lectures and discussions conducted by artists and representatives of cultural institutions from different countries. Art exhibitions will take place at designated places (the project partners' headquarters - eg the campus of the university) and spontaneously at the most important points of the city, in the form of street performances. In order to activate and develop the local audience, creative workshops will be organized. There will be an opportunity for interaction between the artists and the audience during the course - interested individuals will be able to train in the field of art or talk to artists. There will also be joint performances of artists and members of the local audience on the mini-stage. In each of the twin cities there will be meetings of project participants with local representatives of the artistic and cultural industry. This will be an opportunity to exchange views and undertake joint artistic activities. In addition, the project will involve art experts who will conduct a series of workshops and for young artists to develop their skills. During each visit, the participants will learn about the partner city and its surroundings. There will be visits to artistic and cultural institutions. Participants will learn the history, culture and customs of individual countries and cities.