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Musicamera Produções
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Musicamera is a Portuguese cultural production company, all about music managed by musicians. Since its foundation in 2009, Musicamera organised several events and festivals, establishing partnerships with several musical groups, composers, municipalities and governmental agencies.

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Luís Pacheco Cunha

Music; communities; historical sites; composition; migrations.
Locations and Dislocations seeks to express, renew and recreate European experience and cultural heritage with an emphasis on the stories which constitute our sense of place and displacement - stories to be told, re-told and re-invented through musical projects which have the relationship between artist and community at their core. Locations will mean physical place, the marks we leave on our landscape. Dislocations speaks to the journeys we make whether by choice or forced by circumstance.
Locations and Dislocations will explore arrivals and departures and places of arrival and departure. It will address the complex effect which emotional and physical sense of place has on our European sense of identity and the powerful role which music plays in that mix. Artists will not simply re-read familiar works of art in traditional spaces. Locations and Dislocations has at its heart the creation of new living art through dialogue between musicians and the communities they work within. This will imply the composition and performance of new works and the performance of standard repertoire with renewed relevance. Locations and Dislocations will be concerned with virtual reality. It will demonstrate the urgency to build bridges between the velocity of the digital shift and the serenity of artistic contemplation.
In each country, a local multidisciplinary team of variable composition, which may include, for example, a socio-cultural facilitator, a composer and a musician or musicians from the musical group/partner, will work together with a local community in the creation of a musical work. Collaborations with local entities such a choirs, orchestras, bands and theatre or dance groups are possible. The composers involved in the project will be selected by means of a competition. Composers will be invited to submit a work of 5 - 15 minutes along with ideas as to how they would approach involvement in the project. The selection process will reward artistic quality, original engagement with the theme and demonstration of an understanding of the creative process involved in the project. The process will culminate, in each country, with a cycle of concerts promoted by the municipality or other local arts funding organization. Online connectivity will facilitate interaction between teams in participating countries encouraging the exchange of ideas, experiences and influences.


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Cultural production companies; choirs, orchestras, bands and theatre or dance groups; local arts funding organizations; composers.