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რუმინათი The Nicolae Mantu Cultural Foundation

The Nicolae Mantu Cultural Foundation
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The Nicolae Mantu Foundation is a non-governmental organization of community interest aiming at the development of cultural life and art in the south-eastern part of Romania, promotion of artistic cultural values and improvement of artists and technical personnel on arts, stimulation and financial support of young people artistic talents, promoting the repertoire and values of the Romanian plastic art and culture, both in the country and abroad within the Lower Danube region and in the European space, the moral and financial support of retired artists.
The objectives of the Nicolae Mantu Cultural Foundation are to establish relationships of collaboration and partnership with local institutions, non-governmental organizations in the country and abroad and with private persons, to discover and promise young artistic talents in the field of fine arts, organize artistic events and cultural meetings, balls, fundraising meetings, organizes competitions for various specialties and age categories, organizes exhibitions of Romanian plastic artists, organizes sessions and symposiums on various themes from plastic art.
Starting with 2011 the foundation organized the annual edition of the national sculpture workshop and the edition of the Urban Art Workshop Alandala and since 2012 it has initiated or is a partner in
artistic  events  organized  with  the  annual  As.  winter  saloon.  U.A.P. from Galati, Collective Exhibition of U.A.P. Braila, Collective Exhibition of U.A.P. Galati at the House of Art - Bucharest, permanent exhibition dedicated to Galati of Florian Doru Crihană, Collective Exhibition Rural and Urban, Painting - Graphics - Sculpture graduates' workshop. The Foundation bears proudly the name of Nicolae Mantu, a representative of the Romanian plastic arts and founder of the Galatian artistic movement.
The Galati Metal Sculpture Camp Project was born at the request of the Nicolae Mantu Galati Cultural Foundation and its partners, the Association of Graduates of the Mechanical Faculty of Galati and CED Romania Association - Excellence Center through Diversity to continue the tradition of organizing artistic emblematic events for Galati .
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Culture and art.


Nicolae Mantu Cultural Foundation wishes to be a partner in projects in the field of culture and fine arts, dramatic art, visual arts, etc.

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