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რუმინეთი Municipality of Avrig

Municipality of Avrig through • Avrig Ethnographic Museum
Short description
1.The Avrig town is located in Sibiu County, central Romania, in the south of Transylvania.
2.Municipality of Avrig is the public institution that administratively manages the locality in whose structure there are several compartments with cultural competences:
  • City Library
  • Ethnographic Museum
  • House of Culture
  • Cultural Houses in rural area
  • Tourist information center
3.Community Events / Important Events
The Avrig town has the following important local events where artists, craftsmen and producers work:
- Folkloric Festival "Flowers of the Olt River" (July)
- Folkloric Festival for Children and Youth "Inheritance from the Elderly" (May)
- Christmas Market (December)
- The "Olt Country in Products and Traditions" Fair (April and October)
4.Tourist and cultural attractions:
• Two churches of a historical character: the Evangelical-Lutheran Church (built in 1270-1280 and fortified in the 16th century) and the Orthodox Church with murals (built in 1762).
• The Ethnographic Museum.
• Memorial House "Gheorghe Lazăr".
• The Brukenthal Summer Palace, built in 1771 in Baroque style
Contact details
Tel: 0040 746094385
Municipality of Avrig
Avrig, Str. Gh. Lazăr, Nr. 10, Tel: (+40)269 523 101, Fax: (+40)269 524 401, cod: 555200
E-mail: office@primaria-avrig.ro Web: www.primaria-avrig.ro
Education, Sports and Cultural Heritage
1.The Municipality of Avrig wants to become a partner in a smaller European cooperation project in the field of education and cultural heritage. The basic idea of the project is to interact with communities that will creatively approach culture, agriculture, economy, ethnology and other areas. The project aims to promote patrimony in an interactive and meaningful way for communities: assembly exchanges, event demonstrations or craft demonstrations, inherited or contemporary products and traditions. The organization is interested in innovative approaches to attract young people and children and to involve them in cultural and sports projects.
2. The actions and activities we propose through the project:
• Education and training - Traditions - Organizing a festival - presentation of traditional products
• Promotion - mutual participation in fairs, business ideas
• Community group exchanges - traditional gastronomy - recipes reinterpretations with elements from the partners area -
• Workshops - community groups - traditional crafts - technical exchanges - joint exhibitions, eventually itinerant
• Sport, music and traditional dances - we learn together - exchanges - each partner learns a dance or sport of others, a joint show, eventually itinerant.
All eligible countries

Communities, Cultural Organizations, Museums

Partner, Avrig Town Hall through the Avrig Ethnographic Museum is open to partnerships in educational, cultural and sports projects that involve the local community and aim at preserving, promoting and raising awareness of cultural heritage.