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POINT Cultural Hub 

Short description
Through exhibitions, screenings, artist residencies and theatre plays, POINT aims to be a powerhouse, a creative catalyst that stimulates emerging artists to innovate, think forward and engage with diverse audiences open to new experiences and new knowledge.
In all its programs, POINT is equally committed to experimentation and showcasing well-established artists, who challenge the boundaries of performances of all types and offer unique experiences for audiences.
We aim to support the creative risks taken by artists from diverse genres, cultures and perspectives and to reach out to, educate and inspire people with our affordable, non-hermetic and relatable approach. All our work is cross-disciplinary and tailor-made for Bucharest’s vibrant cultural community.
Our strategic positioning is that of a laboratory for the exploration and advancement of contemporary arts.
Here are some of Point’s ambitious new initiatives and programs starting this autumn, with more than half of the artist line-up from abroad:
- a multi-sensorial festival (coming entirely from abroad) curated by Cătălina Bolozan, a Romanian-born cod-artist from London;
- all-year master-classes and workshops in partnership with the first Entrepreneurial Academy, where famous local artists meet with business mavericks and learn how to promote their works and start a cultural business. On the other hand, investors enhance their artistic tastes, discover inner talents, and are immersed in a transformative process we all need for our mental well being;
- the presentation of 1-2 theatre plays with stopping-power, created by Punchdrunk and DreamThinkSpeak, which will put Bucharest back on the map of European outstanding hubs;
- the setting up of an extensive and well-curated multi-media library dedicated to all creative industries. It will function as a research archive, with all the necessary resources that enable professionals in the field to turn ideas and skills into real projects. The library will be designed like a 3.0 Yellow Pages;
- a New Writing program and a dramaturgy residence supporting emerging writers to produce new theatre play, new texts.
The hub is located in a 3-storey heritage building, whose architecture and design are internationally-awarded. The setting is very versatile (moveable furniture) and can host any type of artistic event. Every floor can accommodate 120 people on average.
Facilities (key words): events space; performing space; exhibition space; cinema; concert space, multi-media library, production space; co-working space; gastrobar, café and garden terrace.
Services (key words): co-working space; curatorial programming and showcasing; artistic performances hosting; international opportunities; networking and events; professional development, workshops and training; commercial; gourmet catering; private parties; bartender events; fashion shows hosting.
Photos with our venue: enclosed.
A 360 tour inside our venue is available here.
Contact details
Contact person:
(Ms) Ada Mușat, General Manager
E-mail: ada@whatsthepoint.ro; office@whatsthepoint.ro
Mobile phone: +40732437746
Theatre, music, visual arts, film, fashion, design, dance, art festivals, site-specific academies, immersive performances, emerging arts

We would like to be partners in a project initiated and submitted by another organisation.
We are interested in joining either a smaller scale or a larger scale cooperation project building on Creative Europe’s priorities of transnational mobility, audience development and capacity building – especially new business models & education and training.
We are particularly interested in projects looking at the mission and role of today’s arts and culture hubs in Europe, at exchanging practices, management and business models, but also at how they articulate and develop their own long-term artistic curatorial programmes.
We are open to all ideas that suit our profile and we strongly believe that, thanks to our experience, our excellent venue facilities and our financial sustainability as a private entity, we would be ideal partners in a cooperation project focused on the above-mentioned priorities.
Please note that we are open to cooperating with interested organisations beyond Creative Europe, too, so feel free to contact us even if you do not intend to submit an application to this funding programme in 2017.

All countries participating in the Creative Europe Programme

Any public or private organisation with similar or complementary experience dedicated to developing or enhancing their European partners’ network.
Key words: arts and culture hubs, arts and culture centres, emerging arts centers, performing arts festivals, theatre companies, independent theatres, art galleries etc.
You can find some photos of our premises below:

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