პარტნიორთა მოძიება - რუმინეთი Puck Puppet Theatre, Cluj-Napoca

რუმინეთი Puck Puppet Theatre, Cluj-Napoca

Puck Puppet Theatre, Cluj-Napoca
Short description
"Puck" Puppet Theater was founded in 1950 and is subordinated to the County Council of Cluj. The institution's record includes 300 prizes, both in the Romanian and the Hungarian section, as well as important prizes and nominations. The current repertoire of the Puppet Theater "Puck" consists of about 25 shows for children. Also, in 2006 was released Nocturne program with dedicated performances for adults. Starting with 2002, the Cluj institution hosts the International Festival of Puppets and Puppets "Puck", one of the important events of Cluj. Also, starting with 2017 we managed to realize the biggest outdoor festival for children and family – WonderPUCK, where 17.000 people attended to our shows. 
Contact details
Emanuel Petran – emanuel_petran@hotmail.com
Lucica Radu – lucica.radu@gmail.com, +40 724 369 541 
Performing arts – Puppetry, Theatre, Street Art 
EastWest has as its main objective to facilitate the development of sustainable creative relationships between puppet theatres in eastern and western Europe. Artists, audiences and organizations at both a local and transnational level will cooperate for the production, presentation and dissemination of new performance works, in order to develop new models of co-creation involving artists, audience and cultural organizations on an equal footing.
Our aim is to develop  a long-term, collaborative, pan-European, trans-disciplinary project and to give opportunities of integration and cohesion whose aim is to promote a stronger cooperation among the cultural institutions, encouraging common activities and artistic events focused on arts of puppet theatre. Prerogative of the project is to raise awareness and spread the knowledge on puppet popular traditions of each partner through festivals, workshops, seminars and performing arts.
Today, when the pressure of globalization may seem to have the effect of leveling the cultural values upon which the European Union is based, namely, first of all, the principle of UNITY IN DIVERSITY, it is a good time to reiterate the diverse  cultural principles that give wealth and beauty to the  European cultural values.
In this sense, through this project, we have a chance to make the junction between the know-how in several cultural areas and in several related fields (education, research, art) at a European - transnational level - a way to use more judiciously, creatively, the resources of excellence of the actors involved in the project, with notable benefits for all beneficiaries.
Besides the fact that the artistic and educational act produced in this way will have a resonance in the six countries involved in the project, transgressing national and even zonal boundaries in favor of a common, even continental, cultural segment, its effects will be measured also on its educational component. Together, they will both participate in the creation and highlighting of a common European treasure, able to highlight and transmit, with specific means of puppet art, some of the most precious themes and motives with addressability in the segment of the youngest audience: children between 3 and 12 years. The fact that this will happen in the specific environment of the puppet art ensures a high-access and high-quality playful background to  the results that we, all the people involved in the project, aim to achieve.
The project we are proposing is an ample manifestation by which we  intend to create a bridge between the cultural institutions, artists, sociologists and the public on the East-West axis of Europe. In this context, cultural institutions, university institutions and educational institutions from 6 countries come together and support through different resources and activities a cultural-educational-scientific approach that aims to achieve the following objectives: trans-nationality, education and research in the field of puppet art.
Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Republic of Moldova, Spain, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Netherland, Portugal, Belgium, Austria 

Puppet Theatre, Puppets Festival, Universities