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საბერძნეთი Department of Theatre Studies University of Patras

Department of Theatre Studies University of Patras 
Short description
The Department of Theatre Studies of the University of Patras was founded in 1989 and it specializes in Ancient Greek and modern theatre. Apart from the theoretical orientation of its curriculum, which covers issues on ancient Greek theatre, history and theory of theatre, semiotics, performance, drama and shadow theatre, the Department offers also a series of courses, workshops on acting, directing, devising, playwriting, music, and theatre didactics.

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Maria Frangi, PhD,
Theatre and literature (for children and adults), oral tradition


A journey from the oral to the written word and vice versa: tradition, course, perspectives (c.o.a.l. > cοmmunication- orality-art- literature)

The main goal of the project is to reintroduce orality (art of speech /oral tradition) as a form of art in the everyday activities of everyone ( pupils, students, teachers and generally adults in all levels and stages of education ) from kindergarten to lifelong learning. The project will develop on the fields of:
  • Research,
  • Collection and production of oral material (especially traditional folktales, poetry, songs, myths etc.)
  • Classes,
  • E-platform,
  • Radio productions and performances for adults and children
  • Exchanges , travels and conferences (all the partners)all the above in relation to the oral tradition of the Greek language and the language of every participant partner /country
More specifically:
  1. Research will be focused on recalling forms of oral tradition which will be designated and promoted as inseparable manifestations of our cultural heritage through organized presentations in a wide range of today’s audience (children, adults, Greek or foreigner, etc.)
  2. Organization of workshops on the proper enunciation and delivery of the Greek language addressing especially adults, teachers, refugees, immigrants, social workers, and psychologists with a special interest in speech problems.
  3. Study of the enunciation and delivery of the Greek language in special circumstances: teaching, theatre, song, public speech, etc.
  4. Organization of workshops on speech for toddlers and younger children through exercises and theatre games (shadow theatre, puppet theatre, theatre for children etc.)
  5. Creation of an e-platform with original recordings of texts of Greek (and other partners) tradition, Greek (and other partners) literature, Greek (and other partners) theatre which can be used by members of the Greek (and other partners) population with special needs or people who are precluded in some way (people in jail, hospitals, psychiatric clinics etc.)
  6. Organization of performances and professional narrations in collaboration with professional artists (actors, shadow theatre artists, singers, narrators) and theatre students for schools, aiming at the reception of speech by young audience through fairy tales and theatre and by adolescents through texts of the Greek literature from antiquity till today.

The project could be supported by the section of Educational Radio/television of the Ministry of Education in Greece.

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