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საბერძნეთი Hellenic Ministry of Culture

Department of Applied Research, Directorate of Conservation of Ancient and Modern Monuments, Hellenic Ministry of Culture
Short description
The Directorate of Conservation of Ancient and Modern Monuments (DCAMM) is the Central Conservation Service of the Hellenic Minis- try of Culture, the service responsible for the Conservation of cultural heritage around the country. Personnel consists mainly of conservators of different material specialisations, conservation scientists and admin- istrative staff.
It is organised in four departments: 1. Applied Research; 2. Conserva- tion Studies; 3. Conservation Projects; 4. Administration.
DCAMM produces conservation studies, which essentially are exten- sive and detailed conservation proposals; undertakes and also super- vises conservation projects around Greece; issues the conservation practice permits, which allow graduate conservators to undertake pro- jects at the private sector; and the sampling permits, which are neces- sary for carrying out scientific analyses to cultural heritage; assists the work of any Regional Service of the Ministry, such as local Museums and Ephorates of antiquities; collaborates with other Central Services, such as the Directorate of Museums, and the Directorate of the Resto- ration of Buildings.

Our main activities are focused on the:
  • documentation and evaluation of new and old conservation treatments;
  • instrumental analyses of cultural heritage material;
  • research and testing of new conservation materials;
  • preventive conservation;
  • climate change and its effects on monuments;
  • issuing the sampling permits for movable cultural heritage property
The purpose of the Department of Applied Research, DCAMM is to:
  • provide advice on the conservation and analysis of cultural her- itage
  • provide support for the conservation and analysis of cultural heritage to any Regional Service and/or Museum in Greece in the form of personnel, lab space, equipment.
The Department of Applied Research, DCAMM can provide:
  • access to cultural heritage property,
  • instrumental analysis expertise,
  • organisation of workshops and seminars.
Contact details
Dr Christina Margariti – Head / chmargariti@culture.gr
+30 210 32 44 227 int. 220
Dr Petros Prokos/ pprokos@culture.gr
+30 210 32 44 227 int. 222
Dr Aikaterini – Zoe Ftikou/ aftikou@culture.gr
+30 210 32 44 227 int. 223
Conservation and instrumental analysis of cultural heritage


The Department of Applied Research, DCAMM is searching for organisa- tions around Europe to collaborate and expand its network in field of Conser- vation of Cultural Heritage with special emphasis on instrumental analysis, the application of new materials and the effects of the environment on cultural heritage property.
The Department of Applied Research, DCAMM would like to:

  • participate in programmes on the instrumental analysis of cultural her- itage;
  • participate in the documentation, measurement and study of the effects of the environment and climate change to cultural heritage;
  • participate or organising different non formal education, workshops, master-classes, summer-schools, conferences, etc. for conservators and conservation scientists;
  • participate in different public outreach projects: introducing conserva- tion and conservation science to museum visitors (e.g. by the organi- sation of a relevant temporary exhibition) and the general public (e.g. by the organisation of interactive activities, such as treasure hunt of conserved monuments in the city of Athens, where the Department recently participated).

EU countries
Organizations / Institutions with focus on the analysis and conservation of cultural heritage
We have not participated in any Creative Europe or Culture programme yet, but we have substantial experience in running EU Support Framework Programmes, including Horizon2020