პარტნიორთა მოძიება - საბერძნეთი Municipality of Tripolis

საბერძნეთი Municipality of Tripolis

Municipality of Tripolis

Short description
The municipality of Tripolis has a vast experience in the management and implementation of funded projects, at a regional, national and an European level. In addition Tripolis brings a rich pool of resources and opportunities through its location, history and heritage. Also, through its close cooperation with the University of the Peloponnese, the municipality has unlimited access to both technical and administrative consulting and expertise. Tripolis has developed a strategic plan that spans various axis, such as infrastructures, services, economy, employment, culture, environment, mobility, education etc. Thus, it invites interested parties to join forces in the pursuit of funding at a regional, national and inter-regional in European level.
One of our Main strategies: creative cooperation urban space and rural area throw projects that combines both fields culture and tourism with agricultural sector.

Contact details
Web: www.tripolis.gr   /    http://tripoli.culhub.gr/   /   http://www.traveltripolis.gr/
Address: Lagopati & Atalantis 22100 Tripoli
Email: katerina_siampou@hotmail.gr,  Katerina Siampou

Cultural pilot projects to identify and test new solutions which address issues related to sustainable urban and rural development
We would like to be a partner on  project in the field of culture  which could include for example topics like : Jobs and skills in the local economy , Lifelong Learn, Circular economy ect
We are a local administrative body, rural municipality with a small urban area, a small city. The municipality have cultural and life long learning  responsibilities and also maintains relevant institutions.  
Our idea is to develop new ideas for  sustainable urban and rural development throw integrated management of our cultural asses  
Furthermore, with our capacity building, we could provide the empowering of managers of our local stakeholders
Regarding cultural activities in which we have experiences, there are small art festivals, art exhibitions, musical concerts, workshops, projects of culture.  
We also have a theater, a central cultural/ concert Hall, museums and  a lot of open spaces without cars.

All eligible countries
Organizations that has experience with the Creative Europe programme.


European Union – Council of Europe in the Project “Technical Assistance on Institutional Enhancement for Local Governance in Greece” by the Centre of expertise awarded municipality of Tripolis as a winners of the Best Practice Programme (started in October 2016). Awarded best practice “Digital tour of Tripolis” and  certificated good practice “e-Parking”. (http://www.coe.int/en/web/good-governance/newsroom/-/asset_publisher/sFe4ZobyqCTR/content/best-practice-award-ceremony-and-launching-conference-of-the-european-label-of-governance-excellence-in-crete)

Twin cities:
Municipality of Peine – Germany /  Municipality of Paralimni – Cyprus  
Municipality of Pafos- Cyprus / Municipality of Fore –France

Intercity Youth Network  / Biennale des jeunes créateurs de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée
Urban Food Policy Pact / Anna Lindh Foundation /European Institute of Cultural Routes
Mayors for Peace / Citta Mediterranea della Musica

Previous experience:
-Europe for Citizens 2007-2013
  • Action 1 «Active citizens for Europe», 1.1 Town Twinning (Municipality of Tripolis -Greece, Municipality of Peine- Germany, Municipality of Paralini -Cyprus) (528883-EFC-1-2012-1-GR-EFC-CM)
  • Axis 4 «Active European Remembrance», project “Flashing lighthouse and not Harbor” (547954-EFC-1-2013-1-GR-EFC-REM)
-LEONARDO DA VINCI-PLM2013-1-GR-1-LEO 02-14985 Improvement and development skills in service of citizens
- Intelligent Energy Europe: Adding to SEAP, more content – more participants (2013).
- JESSICA: Joint European Support for Sustainable Investment in City Areas.
-Comenius: Participation of Tripolis’ Highschool – Combat racism and xenophobia and prejudications cultural interaction (2010 -2015).