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საბერძნეთი PEPSAEE

PanHellenic Association for Psycho-social Rehabilitation and Work Integration (PEPSAEE)
Short description
PanHellenic Association for Psycho-social Rehabilitation and Work Integration (PEPSAEE) is a Scientific Non-Profit Organization established in 1996. It aims at facilitating the social inclusion and work integration of people with psychosocial problems.
PEPSAEE takes part in the national program for psychiatric reform in Greece and specializes in supporting, coordinating and empowering rehabilitation and work integration initiatives for people with mental health problems. It has more than 50 employees and numerous volunteers and operates three rehabilitation structures.
One of PEPSAEE’s main services is the Alternative Rehabilitation Activities Office. This alternative office, which is located inside a small theater, brings together mental health professionals, artists, employees, volunteers and users and combines art with the methodology of “Recovery” in order to help people with mental health problems in their way to social integration. More than 50 art and culture groups and a lot of artistic and cultural events are taking place and are attended by more than 300 users every week.
Contact details
41, Ipirou Str, Athens, Greece
Mrs Margo Liatira
Audience development, Capacity Building, Transnational Mobility

THE ART4PSY PROJECT: Promoting social inclusion through art
The Art4psy project has the following objectives:
  • Connecting Art and Mental Health through the co-production of a Theatrical Performance and parallel Art Exhibitions in three European countries.
  • Develop career prospects of artists with mental health problems by promoting their artwork through the creation of a digital “library”.
  • Make the work of artists with mental health problems known to a broader audience (audience development). 
  • Internationalization and dissemination of works of artists and mentally ill people.
  • Fight sigma and Increase public awareness of talents and skills of artists with mental health problems.
Short Description:
  • Organizing a European Theatrical Performance for Mental Health. The Theatrical Performance will be a co-production of three Mental Health Units that focus on art. Rehearsals will take place through Skype and the three theatrical groups from the different countries will work together. Artists from different countries will have the chance to collaborate with their colleagues and exchange know-how and good practices. The final theatrical performance will include all three theatrical groups: one will be performing live and the other two on video in a giant screen. We will, also, use subtitles in order to solve the problem of the different languages.
  • There will be 3 theatrical performances of the same play in each country during a 3day festival. There will be parallel events during the festival: (1) Photography exhibition, and (b) artwork (paintings) exhibition.
  • Development of a Digital Library where all artwork will be stored and promoted. Artists will have the opportunity to reach a broader audience and develop their career.
  • Development of tools for the support of artists with Mental Health problems.
  • Networking and promoting the idea of Theatrical Performances that focuses on mental health throughout the EU.
The Deliverables of the project are the following:
  • The creation of a digital library where all artwork of people with mental health problems will be stored and promoted.  Apart from helping artist develop their career it will guarantee the projects’ viability as well.
  • The creation of a Tool titled “Art4Psy Toolkit” which will benefit artists with mental health problems and professionals who work in mental health sector, and will facilitate access to career opportunities.
  • European Theatrical Performance co-produced and performed by mental health users and professionals from three European countries. There will be a total of 9 performances of the play (3 in each country during a 3day festival).
  • Parallel exhibitions during the festival (photography and paintings).
  • A 15 minute documentary produced for the pilot Theatrical Performance for Mental Health in multiple languages.
  • The project’s website. 
  • Creating communication material and activities to disseminate the objectives and results of the project.
All eligible countries

Mental Health Organizations working with Art and especially Theater
PEPSAEE will submit this project as a leader