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საფრანგეთი Villette Makerz

Villette Makerz

Short description
Villette Makerz, located in the heart of the Villette Cultural Park in Paris (France), is a creative space for all, including a Fablab - collaborative design and manufacturing laboratory - as well as a space for events. Villette Makerz offers experiences in creating and implementing innovative teachings :
This space in perpetual movement is dedicated to all those who want to connect ideas and materials, thanks to contemporary technologies of creation, in sectors such as: design, 3D, code, textile, electronics, audio- visual, numerically controlled tools ...
  • On weekends, the public (young public, family, adult) can discover the “Do It Yourself” in free access. As a cultural space, Villette Makerz also co- produces the events of the Parisian "maker" movement with many collectives.
  • During the week, professionals (entrepreneurs, companies, communities) can experiment, exchange and manufacture. In a fab lab & coworking environment conducive to the creation and exchange of know-how, Villette Makerz offers a comprehensive offer ranging from the rental of workstations and professional machines to personalized support for design, production and economic development.By linking culture and education, science and technology, Villette Makerz supports Parisian creative communities in the use of their natural talents and creative energy, deploying them to the service of private actors, territorial and the general public
Contact details
Mail: UpCyclingbyDesign@villettemakerz.com
Research & Training: Samuel Rémy / +33 6 61 64 8887
Awareness & Education: Carolina Tinoco / +33 6 31 46 7336 and : Nathalie Tinland / +33 6 07 79 99 59
Social and Sustainable Design; Eco-effective Model; Upcycling by design; Storytelling     


Upcycling by Design:
Developing Social and Sustainable Skills

In these times of environmental and social crisis and with the sustainability of our future at stake, we are influencing the way of creating and producing.
Of course, this is a considerable challenge as it requires a fundamental shift in the approach and the mindset of manufacturers and designers alike.
Upcycling transforms by-products, waste materials and unwanted materials into new products for better environmental value.

Industrial Waste: Design for Good
Normally we use materials to create objects which increases the scarcity of raw materials and the depletion of finite resources. Simultaneously, waste produced remains an untapped resource. Our work is based on collaborations with creators, designers, artisans, manufacturers and communities who genuinely wish to create new and sustainable design projects with these reusable materials which in turn create objects for the good of the people AND the planet.
Sustainable Design Storytelling
We hope re-designing, re-imagining, re-mixing and re-using will become a new standard in design.
We are committed to social and sustainable design. Our goal is not only to create beautiful products but develop a concept: a way to create products which tell great stories.
We envision an innovative, small-scale, co-operative and ecological model to create and exhibit projects based on this exploitation of waste materials. We are taking advantage of the diversity and richness of cultures to create interactive experiences, build relationships, share knowledge and stories. We aspire to open a window of opportunity for CSR (corporate social
responsibility), governments (the public sector), in partnership with either business (the private sector), or charities (the community sector) to develop and implement « Upcycling by design » providing learning opportunities through sponsored social and environmental impact programs.

A flourishing world for our environment, communities, and for our well being.

  • To support the emergence of new upcycling designers and projects: educating professionals and general public through training and workshops. 
  • To encourage upcycling designers and projects around Europe: to showcase design projects through exhibitions and competitions. 
  • To promote the values of upcycling Design: new technologies and good practices that are socially and environmentally responsible. 
  • To create a network/community: interdisciplinary Creatives sharing the same vision.

Our project is based at the crossroads of research, awareness, education, creation, networking and business development :

Research and Networking:
We are seeking partners who aligned with our mindfulness of social and environmental design to collaborate, promote and generate a network for “Upcycling by design” concept.
Our curation involves observing and identifying upcycling projects and designers; local materials, industries and manufacturers.
Thereafter we review an inventory of products for our Upcycling by Design exhibit.

Training and Business Development:
We wish to encourage a rapidly changing field by helping designers to think with a different philosophy and innovation. We train creators by providing them with knowledge, skills and tools.
This training is intended for design professionals and students as well as the general public- for all who wish to open up to a new, more responsible approach to creation.
The challenge is to create a process for the reuse of materials as well as inventing adapted manufacturing techniques to create new business opportunities by developing environmental, economic and social activities.

Consciousness and Education:
We want to highlight the existence of experimental practices and success stories (artisanal, artistic, industrial) through exhibitions and all different ways of broadcasting.

We would like to develop contests and workshops for upcycling by Design opening up new creative models.
We stimulate exchanges and reflections in innovation, quality, functionality and aesthetics. But also our focus is co-creation and cultural diversity which are the bases of the desirable and sustainable future that we want to promote and create identity and awareness.


For example :
North: Sweden, Netherlands ... West: France…
East:    Romania ...
South: Tunisia, Spain, Italy ...
Around the fablab Villette-Makerz, we mobilized in France:
  • Zéro Waste – an expert in the circular economy
  • Matério, Amat, Matériaupole Seine amont - materials specialists
  • CRI / Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires - research in educational sciences
We would like to federate around the project :
à to enrich the European network, contents, training, supply and experimentation on materials, workshops:
  • Companies specialized or involved in green economy
  • Recycling industry (public and private) and waste reprocessors
  • FabLab and craft workshops
  • Associations, Schools, Rehabilitation Centers
 à for public awareness, exhibitions, contests, meetings, round tables:
  • Cultural institutions, Museums, Cultural Centers ...
  • Alternative places or vacant spaces
 à to document locally meetings, processes, creations ; and for dynamic communication:
Videographer, audiovisual specialist, webdesigner…
All ideas are welcome!