პარტნიორთა მოძიება - საფრანგეთი La Renaissance - Mondeville

საფრანგეთი La Renaissance - Mondeville

La Renaissance - Mondeville
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La Renaissance is a theatre located in the district of Caen, in Normandy. Every January, la Renaissance organize a performing art festival mainly dedicated to theater, in the field of documentary theater dealing with current political and social issues.
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KVS - Brussels
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KVS is Brussels’ Flemish city theatre. Our unique position in the capital of Flanders, Belgium and Europe is the alpha and omega of our operations. KVS aims to reinterpret the repertoire in relation to the city that is more than ever the whole world. KVS embraces the city and its plurality and intends to amplify its artistic voice in the arts field. KVS thus sees interculturality on and around the stage not as an assignment or a challenge, but as a logical principle. As are a strong presence in Flanders and internationally. KVS has an open ensemble of theatre-makers, performers, directors, choreographers and authors. At KVS, they develop both their own personal work and shared projects, plus cross-pollination over periods of years. KVS intends to be a place of mental and physical encounter, an urban artery running from tradition to the future. On the basis of an inclusive view of what art is capable of, we aim to be an intercultural, inter-generational and open-gender city theatre that resonates far beyond Brussels.
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Performing art / theatre
The project aims at producing artistic works dealing with the current migration crisis in Europe, with a focus on the particular problems faced by refugees who are minors. Involving a theater director and three or four other artists such as photographer, author, documentary film maker, etc., the process is implemented by a multidisciplinary group commissionned by the U.E partners.
It is carried out in three phases. The first is dedicated to skills development and knowledge transfer between the group of artists, a member of each team partners and key personalities and experts working with the target group, as doctors, psychologists, instructors, etc.
Then the creative process will be launched. It is based on a fieldwork exercise led in direct connection with that minors. This step of implementation will also include participatory practicies that engage with audiences and communities currently excluded from cultural provision in Europe, and with european teanagers.
The final stage is the production and the presentation of the works in all of the partners countries and beyond.
Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden
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