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Magnum Photos
Short description
In 1947, following the aftermath of the Second World War, four pioneering photographers – Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa, George Rodger and David Seymour – founded the now legendary artists’ cooperative Magnum Photos.
For over 70 years Magnum Photos has been providing the highest quality photographic content to an international client base of media, charities, publishers, brands and cultural institutions. Four offices in Paris, New York, London and Tokyo, together with a network of fifteen agents in Europe, are constantly on the lookout for new ways of distributing and promoting their work, as well as educating the next generation of independent visual storytellers from across the globe.

Contact details
Magnum Photos
19 Rue Hegesippe Moreau
75018 Paris (France)
Photography professionalization

In an effort to strengthen the competitiveness of the European audiovisual sector and committed to educating the next generation of independent visual storytellers from across the globe, Magnum Photos aims to promote training through a wide and quality project with the support of cultural and academic partners.
This project aims to provide insight into the professional practice and professional practice support for emerging lens-based media practitioners through an Online Education program and local workshops as a means of driving creativity and innovation, as well as improving motivations and career prospects of young photographers.

Eastern Europe
We are seeking partnership with cultural organizations and higher education institutions specialized in Humanities, Arts, New Media, Technology and Languages that support this initiative by providing administrative and technical expertise, artistic expertise, financial capabilities and venues to develop and expand this programme.
Partners should be able to engage people and reach targeted audiences locally, from emerging visual storytellers and lens-based media practitioners to new audience members, but also donors and volunteers in the community. Partnerships should also be able to enlarge the organizations’ networks beyond their immediate partners of this project.
For instance, we are particularly interested in partnering with organizations that promote Civilisation and Language studies, as well as interpretation and translation of Eastern Europe languages and work with native speaking linguists who could translate the educational content as a means of reaching a wider audience.