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Vivre dans le feu

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Louise Lévêque, director, +33682 406 383, leveque.louise@gmail.com
Jessica Piris, productor, +33621 502 520, adm@vivredanslefeu.com

Où ? (“where” in English) is a project initiated by the French theater company Vivre dans le feu. It is an experimental laboratory which aims to immerse audiences in the process of an artistic creation: « making a poem from one's own life. » Working with the audience, to give them the tools for a simple creative process, which is at the same time intimate, social and political. Où ? laboratory looks at the real as poetic potential. Participants receive tools that empower them to become the authors of their own lives. We insist on the autonomy developed with this work Numeric tools allow us to work long distance with participants over a long or short period of time. These numeric tools frame a dialogue between artists, programmers and spectators. It questions our relationship with rigor and concentration. « Making a poem from one’s own life » lets us work on self-esteem, providing a means for individual emancipation. Then, sharing artistically with others can lead to a collective emancipation. The laboratory aims to connect an individual and an individuals personal space (imagination, sensation, desire) with a social space (family, professional life, current events, society). We are looking for what connects and what separates. We are thinking about our connection to others, our desire to be heard, to listen, to live. How do we construct ourselves personally and socially.

Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Moldavia, Poland, Tunisia
We’d like to test this process on a wide range of audiences: School children, the elderly, urban and rural populations… That’s why we want to open this laboratory in the cultural sector but also the educational, medical and business sectors. We want the project to be conceived as historical and sociological research, and for it to cross linguist borders. Coming from the theatre, we also want to involve other artists from the visual arts, the numeric arts, choreographers….. The numeric allows participants meeting each other to connect with people from different generations, different countries, people with active and sedentary lives, in a collective and collaborative project. It allows for long-term research, reinforcing the links created beyond the project itself.
We would like to test out the idea for « making a poem from one’s own life » over the long-term. This is why we want to develop it till 2020.