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Heartefact Fond
Short description
Heartefact (HF) is a multi-disciplinary Balkan regional foundation which promotes intercultural & inter-ethnic dialogue through artistic & cultural production (theatre, education, research, public debate). HF is dedicated to the creation of open & free societies through creative exchange on important social and political issues related to the culture of memory, social and political accountability, protection and promotion of human rights and freedom of speech. HF has a strong network of associates and partners who carry out their initiatives in cooperation with HF. We aim to maintain a social & political atmosphere which encourages the critical re-thinking and re-questioning of society.
We are committed to using artistic and cultural means to rebuild regional connections between individuals and institutions, encouraging greater cooperation between civil society and public sectors, participation of marginalized groups in public life and advancement of their status.
Since this year Heartefact is also a partner in one of the projects supported by the Creative Europe.
Contact details
Adress: Heartefact Fund, Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 82/6, 11 000 Belgrade, Serbia
Phone: +381 11 2434 323
Mail: info@heartefact.org
Art, theater, new media.
Our activities for 2017/18 will be focused on new forms of education mainly thru creative media platforms, with a desire to explore the full capacity of technology in the context of education and art. Some of our projects will be:
1. Cathexis (supported by Creative Europe) is dealing with innovative ways of approaching the audience and creating a new filed on audience research. It seeks to renew theatre's social contract and desirability by inventing a new way of creating meaningful experience for audiences. The conception of a format which includes an intense audience participation, a high stakes socially pertinent subject and the deepening and prolonging of the experience via unique workshops: these are all ways of bringing theatre into the future, helping it shed its dusty image and make it appeal to new audiences.
2. Media Portal that will be focused on production of new innovative online media content that uses different forms and focuses on various political and social issues that regional societies face, the project aims to contribute to the democracy building process in the Balkan region. The project creates public space that provides conditions for generation of new young thinkers willing to develop critical attitudes and built critical conscience of public through analytical, independent and innovative content on online media portal.
3. Production of six theater plays, one of them is Shklovsky / Energy of delusion that will tackle different forms of telling a story about one of the founders of Formalism within the literal theory. The sound of the play, as an integral part of the spectacle will be created with a special electronic instrument called Teremina, sounds of the actors and musicians. The goal is to create a multimedia formalistic theater play about a man who could not bear to be an immigrant.
4. Besides our ongoing projects, we are interested in finding new ways of bringing art to audience with the use of new media and technology.
All eligible countries
Heartefact is looking for partners with experience within the fields of education, new media, technology and art. Broadening our knowledge in these fields is our main goal for creating future projects.
Heartefact is interested in collaborating in projects that are involved in new ways of applying technology and new media in the spheres of art
and education about art. Furthermore, we are also interested in finding partners that could bring new ideas and knowledge involving the production of our current projects.