პარტნიორთა მოძიება - სერბეთი Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage in Kraljevo

სერბეთი Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage in Kraljevo

Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage in Kraljevo
Short description
The Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage in Kraljevo is a public institute that carries out professional and administrative tasks in order to achieve the preservation of immovable and corresponding movable property and intangible cultural heritage.

Main tasks are: identifying, evaluating and documenting cultural heritage, preparing proposals for entering heritage into the register kept by the Ministry of Culture, drawing up conservation plans and restoration projects, supervising building, research and protective undertakings; and their implementation, supervising and executing archaeological surveys, providing helpful advice to owners of cultural heritage as well as education and popularization. Our Institute, as a regional cultural institution, was founded in 1965 and deals with the protection of cultural heritage in the territory of 25 municipalities (approximately the whole southwestern part of Serbia). This part is characterized by a large number of monuments from prehistoric period to the new century, but certainly widely recognizable by medieval fortresses, churches and monasteries from the period of the formation of the Serbian state (XI-XV century).
Over the past 50 years, the Institute has done dozens of successful projects to protect and promote rich Serbian heritage, some of which today enjoy sustainable development. Another advantage of our Institute is developed network collaboration with local institutions of culture and science (institutes, faculties, museums, galleries, theaters, etc.), local governments, tourist organizations, Institute for nature conservation of Serbia and the local population in the territory we cover.

More information about the Institute and our activities can be found at the link http://zzskv.rs/ or if you find difficult to read Serbian, feel free to contact us for any specific interest.
Contact details
Dr. Marija Marić, archaeologist
Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage
Kraljevo, Serbia
Cultural heritage, Outdoor activities, IT, New business models
Hiking Heritage Trails (working title)

The subject of the project is the establishment of a new business model of cooperation between institutions of heritage protection and sports outdoor associations for hiking, tracking, diving, mountain biking, cycling, running, bicycle touring, off road car driving, kayaking, skiing, etc.
The objectives of the project are the interpretation of cultural heritage and raising awareness about the significance of cultural heritage as an important resource of common EU area.

The priority of the project is the creative industry – building capacity by creating a new kind of outdoor activities guides as curators and heritage protectors.

In addition, the second priority of the project is the formation of a new audience by designing an open source interactive application related to an on line interactive EU map of cultural heritage trails
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Heritage protection institutions and organizations;
Local governments;
IT organizations;
Outdoor sports (hiking) associations;