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სერბეთი Private Primary School Tvrdjava (Fortress)

Private Primary School Tvrdjava (Fortress)
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In September 2015, private elementary school "Tvrđava", 8 Štrosmajerova Street, Petrovaradin, started to operate in the suburbs of the Petrovaradin fortress which was built in the spirit of the 17th and 18th centuries, and which has retained its authentic appearance to this day.
The school is designed to provide children with an incentive environment for advancement and work. The program is implemented according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, but in a way that enables children to be creators of teaching, active participants and initiators, and teachers are mentors through the cultural and educational process. Through our creative work we encourage logical conclusion, abstract thinking, development of intellectual abilities and creative approach to learning and acquiring new knowledge.
The mission of the Primary School "Tvrđava" is that children retain the skills they acquire in our school and apply them in further education and life, to develop tolerance and respect for differences in people, as well as empathy and self-esteem. Vision: Fostering individuality of students and quality of human values (honesty, openness, independence, freedom of speech, work habits, self-esteem, friendship, creativity, culture.) Private Primary School "Tvrđava" 8 Štrosmajerova Street, Petrovaradin
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Cultural heritage, education, youth, intercultural dialogue, tangible culture, intangible culture, new business model
Interaction and cooperation between cultural heritage and creative education, links past and present beyond to the future.
The project “SMALL TOWN STORIES “is designed as pupils (7-14 age) creative educational program. Interaction and cooperation between cultural heritage –suburbs of Petrovaradin fortess built in traditional style of architecture of the 17th and 18th centuries , held the autentic appearance today, like inspiration and education (PROJECT BASED LEARNING), implementation of skills , knowledge and experience through education and interdisciplinary workshops , presentations , exhibitions make visible tangible and intangible cultural heritage. The results and outcomes of project supposed to be new audience development strategy, specialized workshops for pupils, skilled educators and teachers, cultural heritage will open the central topic of project links past and present beyond to the future .Children creativity and education participation and activism make bridge between cultural heritage and young . Mission is to foster cultural skills aims to offer promotion discovering cultural heritage and light support and active participation of pupils and teachers in heritage process. The project will give answers on how schools and cultural heritage environment can reach audience pupils and make them think about global topics and problems of society.
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