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Pro Media Production
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Pro Media Production is a Belgrade based agency which has been operating successfully since March 2009 taking part in various activities pertaining to the development of culture. Presently, Pro Media Production is intensively working on forming and creating a digital TV and Radio channel intended for the LGBT population. The Channels are to be hosted on Google’s platform Youtube, as well as on other social media platforms and landpages on the internet. Though the programs and content of these Channels are mainly designed   to  meet the needs of the LGBT population,  people of other sexual orientation will also have the opportunity  to  perceive and comprehend  that LGBT individuals  who are living among them  have the same life problems and issues as they do, but with one big exception… being constantly marginalized.

Our goal is to deliver a well organized media space to gay people, where they can bring forth all of their interests and create a content which does not marginalize them but which will connect them with other people that live and work in Serbia, through a channel that has never existed here before. Ideas for pilot versions of popular and educational programs and contents that we believe will be interesting to the LGBT population, and those who are not a part of the LGBT community, have already been laid down.
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Creative industries/ new business models
During the preparation of this channel the team leading this agency (a psychologist and psychotherapist, a gay activist who is also a successful entrepreneur even though an outed Gay, and a marketing manager and media producer) have concluded that one of the main problems of the gay population in Serbia is their employment, especially in smaller communities and environments. Detailed research done on this subject proved our conclusion right. Thereby, after consulting people at the of Creative Europe Desk Serbia, the agency came up with an idea to deliver a project which would encourage LGBT individuals to start their business in culture. Thus, with the help of competent people in this field, who are a part of our agency, and potential partners, we could stimulate the development of entrepreneurship in the field of culture. In turn this would help a marginalized group of people, of whom there are a large number of talented individuals, to start up and build numerous, prosperous and efficient business projects in a wide range of fields depending on their interests, such as: digital art, video production, cultural inheritance, fashion, photography, music, etc..

Thanks to the broad range of activity that our agency has, everything they would like to build would be placed and delivered to the community at large, and thus in a short period of time it could become self-financed and self-preserved. By encouraging these people through the project to start their own businesses we propagate the values and ideas of the European Community which this country pretends to be a part of. During the process of working on this project we will write and print a manual/handbook that could later on be of help and service to other institutions that would engage in similar projects and at the same time would note and record the life stories of LGBT individuals who will be a part of this project, as a unique form of cultural heritage for future generations.
All European countries

For us as an agency, it would be of great importance to collaborate on this project with a European partner, possibly with a partner from the EU that has the experience with similar projects, unnecessarily LGBT concentrated yet focused on marginalized groups (even though the LGBT population is our main target and our plan is addressed to them). We would prefer to have more than one partner involved in the project, and for one of these partners to be the project leader. We would also like to have as a partner a creative company open to an innovative approach to business and its development, preferably from the region of Southeast Europe. One of the potential partners of this project with whom we are negotiating is one of the local organizations that has for years now been engaged in supporting gay rights in Serbia.
Here’s one of our most accustomed video: