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სერბეთი Serbian Literaty Society

Serbian Literaty Society

Short description
The Serbian Literary Society is an independent association of writers, established on a professional basis in order to preserve the artistic and ethical values and material interests of the profession.
The Serbian Literary Society finds that the period of social, political and moral disintegration of our culture can be overcome only by a systematic affirmation of traditional as well as new values in the Serbian literature and by regaining the esteem of the literary profession which has lost its artistic basis and its prestige due to a strong political influence on the literary life and the enforcement of nonestetic criteria on literature. The Serbian Literary Society expresses its intention to re-establish and restore the inetrrupted connections with the cultures and literatures of its neighbouring countries and the rest of Europe.
The European Framework
The basis objective of the Serbian Literary Society is to harmonize the life and work of our writers with European criteria. As far as aesthetic and poetics are concerned, the Serbian literature is European in the true meaning of this word, but the literary life has suffered, for decades, under the consequences of an undemocratic society. This influence must be minimized.
The Serbian Literary Society represents the contemporary Serbian literature and rejects intolerance in any form. It is first and foremost a professional association of established writers. It supports differences and the right to dissimilarity. Strictly speaking, the only decisive factor which unites the members of the Society is the language in which they are writing, and the culture to which they belong (although this shouldn`t be taken too literally). Its members are writers from different generations, of different poetics, with different political views. They have a common wish to defend their professional interests and an intention to improve the culture to which they belong.
The basic activity of the Serbian Literary Society is the care of the social position of its members: social security, copyright, the change of the public treatment of their work and, finally, the influence on State institutions to procure instruments for protecting the book and literature. In order to achieve its declared values, the Serbian Literary Society has, up to now, concentrated its activities on the publication of its periodical and in international co-operation.
Contact details
Pavle Zelić, pavlezelic@gmail.com
Dragoslava Barzut, srpskoknjizevno@gmail.com
Jelica Kiso, izoleksa@gmail.com

Literature books and reading/ contemporary literature/ social improvement of the position of writers
Project : Writers for Writers
                Program of Support for Socially Imperiled Writers

  Together with partners from other European countries we consider position of socially imperiled writers of contemporary literature, we identify their problems and needs. We search for ways to improve status of imperiled writers by connecting at the European level and by the exchange of experiences and cooperation. To that effect, partners will first examine and then identify problems and needs of imperiled writers. Faced with small public funding, we look for alternative ways to improve status of socially imperiled writers. By establishing the Fund for Imperiled Writers, Serbian Literary Society had already launched a program of help for socially imperiled writers of our society. Fund's means were obtained through humanitarian actions of the Society, by voluntary payments of Society members, by endowments and legate, by the means obtained through other social funds and non-governmental organizations, and incomes realized through heritage in the interest of the fund. Statute of the Fund for Imperiled Writers came into force on May 12, 2016.

Project Goals:

1. Promotion of inclusive approach and cultural diversity, testing, implementation and evaluation of sustainable model of help and support for socially imperiled writers on the basis of systematic, methodical and objective investigative approach toward problems by taking into account the principle of relation of literature and society.

2. Strengthening of knowledge and vision of the professionals; adoption of techniques for improvement of the status of the imperiled writers in other European cultural organizations. Studying and involving audience whom writers are addressing to and whom they depend on financially, writers' impact upon society so as the relation of literary production and its economical basis.

3. Support for socially imperiled writers not only by financial strengthening of the Fund but also by adopting new knowledge, experiences and skills, that will strengthen their position in the community.

External factors are changing, public funding is decreased, writers stay without fees, without steady source of income; there is a lack of interest in the existing offering, unavailability of literary authority, uncommunicativeness; lack of cooperation among socially imperiled writer.

All eligible countries
Associations of writers, trade unions and other organization which advocates rights writers.


Dear Sir/ Madam,

Please find a partner search letter above with project proposal for european cooperation. The primary object of the proposal pertains to enhancement and promotion of socially imperiled writers of Europe. It is a small scale cooperation projects that includes project leader organization and at least two other partners.

The maximum duration of this project would be 36 months.

We are looking for partners in European countries with different systems of support for socially imperiled writers in order to elevate the project to European level, to indicate activity directed toward achieving project goals (cultural politics), to perceive important characteristics of different literary-cultural systems of European countries, and to learn the way how they function.

The project includes research work, development of abilites, knowledge, know-how, then testing of new models of leading an organization, innovative approaches to audience, international cooperation, facilitation of approaches to new business opportunities, organization of international activities, enhacement of circulation of European literature so as approaches to European literature with focus on socially imperilled writers.

The Serbian Literary Society is a representative literary society established in 2001 to realize common goals and interests of writers. The society operates in the territory of the Republic of Serbia. Its seat is in Belgrade, Francuska Street num. 7. The society has the status of legal entity.

We have carefully studied our resources and based on that we can offer partnership in the project of socially imperiled writers, and we are willing to develop good praxis in Europe.

Serbian Literary Society