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Treći Trg
Short description
Treći Trg is an association for promotion and research of contemporary literature and culture. The organization’s main affiliation is the presentation and promotion of writers, poets and translators. This is achieved through various types of activities, such as book publishing, issuing of literary magazine Treći Trg, organizing Belgrade International Poetry and Book Festival and literary readings and discussions, participation in various International Book Fairs etc. Treći Trg is one of the best-known publishers of contemporary poetry in Serbia. Its main focus is set up on high-quality contemporary world poetry and prose (primarily European). Treći Trg has published 131 books, 89 of poetry and 42 of prose, a total of 83 books in translation by authors from 21 countries. Various editions are often awarded. Treći Trg is committed to creating a diverse publishing program and promoting contemporary European poetry, but also to helping young translators establish themselves in this profession. This idea has already been put to practice in the Literary Translations project Greek literature from Cyprus in Serbian language, co-funded by the Creative Europe.
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Treći Trg,
Francuska 7, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Aleksandra Milanovic
Publishing, Literary Translations, Culture, Education
Poets for translators – Translators for poets

This project would involve a group of young poets on one, and translators on the other hand, both young and well established ones. The aim is to create an educational program for young translators, and at the same time, to promote the contemporary poetry of Europe through translations. This would be achieved through residential programs, where the translators would work on the poems in cooperation with the poets and with the mentorship of the more established translators. One of the possible products of this cooperation would be a text-book on translating contemporary poetry, as well as a number of anthologies in the key languages.

The initial idea has already been put to practice in Treći Trg during the realization of the “Greek Literature from Cyprus in Serbian language” translating project, where the cooperation of poets with the translators and translators with editors had given positive results.

Both Translators and Poets would be selected during open calls.

Naturally, depending on the nature of the organization-partner, every country is free to recommend the participants.
Preferably Malta, Italy, Spain, Greece, Cyprus

Publishers, Youth, Cultural and Educational Centers, Research Centers
Treći Trg would prefer to be a lead partner.