პარტნიორთა მოძიება - სლოვენია Association of historic Towns of Slovenia

სლოვენია Association of historic Towns of Slovenia


Association of historic Towns of Slovenia
Short description
The Association of Historical Towns of Slovenia is an non-profit organization established in 1993 by three founding members - historic cities - Municipalities of Piran, Ptuj and Škofja Loka. Today the association has got 12 member towns which represent all major Slovene historic towns outside Ljubljana. All employments in the Association are project based. The main aim of the Association is to work together in promoting the heritage, represent the specific needs and interests and encouraging the new life in historic towns of Slovenia. During these years the Association has initiated an well visited medieval event running transitionally across all member towns (e.g. The Venera Trail) , organize of seminars and developed a tourist product "Historic Towns of Slovenia". Lately it has participate in several EU funded projects as partner or service provider. It is a member of European association of historic Towns and Regions.
Contact details
Mateja Hafner Dolenc, general secretary, mateja.hafner@siol.net
Tel : 00386 41 762 741
Cultural Heritage, Art
The background of the idea
Historic cities have throughout history been place of life and vivid events. Squares and streets were most often a single and main place where everyday life and work took place, where business was made, where generations of citizens socialised, gossip, party. Towns’ hustle and bustle was all-round.
Nowadays towns streets and heritage hold the richness of the past and provoke different feelings, memories, harmonies, stories.. when todays generations stroll around or having coffee in the historic centre café. Although the street life changed the beauty of the historic centres is infinitive.
The proposed project intends to link past and present and look beyond to the future. We would like to create a 'European wide festival of a selected existing quality local events taking place in historic sites (preferably historic towns)' but adding them a new fresh dimension. By using the heroic legends, stories from castles and manors, historic events as a 'leitmotiv' (moto-theme) we would like to inspire (young) artists' and talents to interpret, express and communicate the past to new visitors. The historic town centres, most often protected as cultural heritage, shall become a scene for new artistic energy of (preferably) young artists from different European countries and different art disciplines: contemporary dance, visual creative arts (painters, sculptures.), music, photography, multimedia and film. In parallel, it is possible to organise side events such as workshops, talks or just an informal gathering evening between artists and audiences in a smaller ambient (citizens of the historic town). There shall be a joint festival branding and co-marketing established between participating historic towns. The single events and workshops results in a ' digital exhibition' presented as a common event at the end of the project.
Objective: bringing untraditional art contents and new audiences in historic sites; promoting undiscovered historic cities/sites as a venue for innovation, creativity and different art events; provide new learning opportunities for young artists
Key activities:
- Festival and single event concept and brand design (September - December 2018)
- Promotion of the idea among young talented artists in participating cities/countries (December 2018-March 2019)
- Common promotional actions of the 'festival' ( March 2019- October 2019)
- Implementing single events and parallel workshops (April 2019 – November 2019)
- Common final event - 'digital exhibition' (November – December 2019)
France, Czech, Romania, Norway, Finland
Partnership: The initial idea is presented by Association of Historic Cites of Slovenia. We are looking for partner historic cities or their national/regional associations, NGOs or other organisers of similar events in 4 different European countries. Potential partners shall already organise a traditional and well established local event which has ambitious to open to international artists, keen on modernising the event and brave to promote 'unlimited' creativity. Each interested partner shall send us a.s.a.p. or latest by 15th September a short information on their capacities (employees, turnover), experiences (projects implemented) and existing event (current topic, date of performance) to be included in the project.