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სლოვენია Galerija Fotografija Ltd.

Galerija Fotografija Ltd.
Short description
The Galerija Fotografija gallery was founded in 2003 as the first private gallery in Slovenia, dedicated exclusively to fine art photography. Located in the old Ljubljana city centre, Galerija Fotografija brings high-quality photography of established Slovene and international photographers to discerning audiences at home and abroad.
Alongside up to eight exhibitions per year, the Galerija Fotografija organises lectures, roundtables and project presentations. The gallery entered the international art market in 2009 and regularly participates at the leading world art fairs such as Vienna Artfair, Paris Photo, MIA, FotoFever, Photo Basel and Art London.
The gallery also runs a bookshop focusing on photography literature, monographs, archival material and other items on the topic of fine art photography.
Contact details
Contact person: Ms Barbara Ceferin
Address: Levstikov trg 7, SI - 1000 Ljubljana/Slovenija
tel/fax: +386 1 25 11 529
mobile: +386 41 66 43 57
web: https://galerijafotografija.si
Visual Arts
Market intelligence reports show that the global contemporary art market and the photography market have been growing steadily since 2011. However, not all cultural players in the art market are equally well skilled to take advantage of this attractive market opportunity. Especially art galleries from emerging art markets on the art-world periphery typically have limited experience with strategically developing their business, managing global and local collector relations and marketing the artists and artworks which they represent. There is the additional challenge of the collector bias which is described in academic literature: “The inclination of North-Western collectors to North-Western artists, even in time of the worldwide internet and an accessible global visual language, has been explained by a representational bias, a half-intentional preference for artists who are represented by familiar galleries and shown in known institutions«.
In order to address this challenge of geographic asymmetry, the project objective is to develop business skills for cultural operators and exchange best practices through a transfer of knowledge in a way that will contribute to increasing the sustainability of galleries as businesses and their global competitiveness and contribute to the consolidation of the emerging collector communities in the emerging art markets. The developmental geographic focus is on private contemporary fine art and photography art galleries in North-Eastern, South-Eastern and Southern Europe.

Partners currently involved in the project: 
Galerie Esther Woerdehoff (France)
Ani Molnár Gallery (Hungary)
All eligible countries

European fine art galleries; art management education, training and research institutions; other institutions interested in the topic of art market evolution and creation