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სლოვენია Institute Infinitum

Institute Infinitum
Short description
INFINITUM (Institute for the Promotion of Flexible Work Forms) was established with the aim of providing services and activities in the fields of research, tourism and intercultural dialog promotion, education, IT solutions development, etc. The institute's goal is to encourage individuals to look for possibilities of adapting their existing workplace, and/or transferring it to new and untried environments, which advocate creativity and offer the possibility of establishing connections between individuals and companies, organizations, etc.
INFINITUM offers educational activities, workshop and seminar organization, event production, services in public relations management and advertisement, and research-based activities; with the aim of producing solutions and implementing ideas, which are in accordance with the mission of the institute. The range of activities covered is wide, and founded on the skills of the staff managing and forming the institute. We provide computer programming services and counseling, IT solutions, creation and maintenance of websites and portals, and event organization (exhibitions, fairs, meetings, festivals, etc.) in the wider area of arts and culture.  
Contact details
Peter Lubej
00386 40 565 304
Culture and Art, IT, Graphic design, Digital arts, Craftwork, Non-formal Education, Creative writing

Following the European objectives (transnational operations in European cultural and creative sector, audience development in innovative way and particular focus on specific target groups, creativity in the field of culture), we are looking for leading partners/coordinators that can include our institute in their project and where we can help with our competences described above.
Infinitum institute consists of 3 individuals who worked in the past in several projects that were promoting transnational mobility of artists and professionals, cooperating internationally, strengthening audience development and fostering capacity building, developing new skills for cultural professionals, enhancing intercultural dialogue, promoting EU values etc.
As a young institute, we would like to participate as a partner that can carry out this kind of activities, according to our previous experiences: project web site, communication and dissemination of the project, event production etc.
All European countries

We are looking for a reliable partners/coordinator that need also someone reliable to execute all activities planned. We prefer mutual learning and want to fruitfully participate (website, PR, production and coordination) in an interesting project. There are no obstacles, only challenges.  
We would like to participate as a partner