პარტნიორთა მოძიება - უკრაინა Charitable organization “Charity Foundation “Kharkiv with you”

უკრაინა Charitable organization “Charity Foundation “Kharkiv with you”

Charitable organization “Charity Foundation “Kharkiv with you”
Short description
The charitable organization “CF “Kharkiv with you” (hereinafter – Fund “Kharkiv with you”) is an organization created by volunteers in 2014.
The goal of “CF “Kharkiv with you” is the recognition of the Kharkiv at international level as peaceful Ukrainian metropolis with stable development and entering of the city into the first hundred of Global City.
“CF “Kharkiv with you” goals are the following:
  • To develop and implement cultural educational programs;
  • To support the development of “Plast”, the National scout organization of Ukraine at Slobozhanshchyna;
  • To carry out music concerts for civilians in freed cities and to provide humanitarian assistance;
  • To promote and implement the medical reform at Kharkiv’s region;
  • To support the economic development of the city and Slobozhanshchyna by organizing and participating in training programs on business education, including those targeting business women; to actively participate in business forums carried out in Ukraine and abroad.
"Kharkiv with you" considers that the implementation of cultural and educational programs is the most important contribution into development and shaping the future of Kharkiv, Slobozhanshchyna, Ukraine, and in particular, its economic development.
Contact details
Registration address: Darvin str., 37, of. 2a, Kharkiv, Ukraine 61002
Office address: Darvin str., 37, of. 2a, Kharkiv, Ukraine 61002
Phone: +380679622868,
E-mail: kharkiv_wu@ukr.net
Website: https://kharkiv-with-you.org/
Culture sector support

Goal: To enhance the level of knowledge about the common European cultural heritage by creating a network of the Centers for the Development of a Common European Cultural Space in the cities of participant countries, as well as by implementing an exchange program for young professionals across the cities.
Project objectives:
1. To create a network of the Common European Cultural Space Development Centers (further - Centers) in the participant cities by organizing a range of competitions for mini-grants for these Centers.
2. Organization and launch of events in the project regions, aimed at studying and promotion of all-European cultural heritage, culture and arts, developing European cultural space.
3. Development and launch the exchange program for young artists, specialists, living in the participant cities and around them, who will study cultural heritage.
The main requirements to the Centers are the following:
1. The Center must be located in the city historical area and, if possible, in an object of cultural heritage.
2. The Center must be able:
  • to accommodate guests;
  • to host cultural and educational events;
3. The Center must be self-sufficient in financial terms.
The main requirements to the mini-grants in the project regions are the following:
1. The application must include the project budget and a business plan of the Center operation.
2. The application must contain the program for the nearest 2 years, where the following must be defined:
  • cooperation plan with other Centers,
  • events to be held in the Center aimed to study and promote European cultural heritage, culture and arts, to build European cultural space; to support young artists;
  • a requirement: the program must include an obligation to involve not less than 100 participants of the events organized by the Center per month. The events such as discussions, lectures by the experts and other, which engage city residents and guests should be held not less than once a week;
  • events aimed at involving guests from other countries and cities to the local Center;
  • visiting plans for the exchange program participants, who will come from other countries and cities;
  • the information campaign to inform about the Center activities.
The money will be granted for:  
- small repairing and refurbishing;
- purchasing of office equipment for the Centers;
- partial salary for the project team (only during the project implementation);
- organization and running of the first events, which will take place during the project implementation phase;
- information campaign.
Project results
Short-term results
1. Development of a network of at least nine Centers for the Development of a Common European Cultural Space (one Center is to be established in three cities of three countries).
2. Approval and launch of the Program of Specialists Exchange between established centers (not less than 9 specialists per each month).
3. Approval and launch of the Program of Centers Operation. The Centers will engage at least 36 specialists and not less than 900 people in European cities in studying and promotion of the common European cultural heritage and each month.
4. Information about the project activities is disseminated in at least three European countries (Ukraine, Czech Republic, Germany) through the project information campaign.
5. A platform for the further development of a common European cultural space is developed.
Long- term results
1. A general understanding of the common cultural heritage of European countries is formed.
2. Centers in other European cities will join the network of the Centers established during the project.  
3. The events organized by the Centers cover the neighboring regions, thus creating a common European cultural space.
Sustainability of the project
1. The Centers joined in the organized network as well as the Exchange Program will operate for at least 2 years after the project completion if all regulations of the mini-grants competitions are observed.
2. The Centers in other regions and countries will join the network of Centers established in the result of the project.
Czech Republic

Museum, Cultural Centre, University, NGO (striving to preserve cultural heritage and involved in implementation of  cultural and educational programs)