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უკრაინა Chortkiv City Council Department of Culture, Religion, and Tourism

Chortkiv City Council Department of Culture, Religion, and Tourism
Short description
Department of city administration responsible for:
the implementation of state policy in the fields of culture, arts, tourism, state language policy, cinematography, interethnic relations, religion, and protection of the rights of national minorities. 

Contact details

Oksana Svystun
+38 097 054 83 04
Chortkiv City Council
Department of Culture, Religion, and Tourism
Tarasa Shevchenka St., 21
Chortkiv, Ternopil oblast
Ukraine 48500

Heritage, Publication, Education, Tourism

Problem to be solved by the project: lack of study of Chortkiv’s development during the historical periods of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1569-1795 and 1918-1939) and the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1772-1918), imperfect historical information from this period regarding the life of the city of Chortkiv, and, consequentially, a lack of understanding regarding opportunities for the joint development of our peoples.
Objective: a thorough study of historical and archival sources from the archives of Poland, Austria, and Ukraine associated with the period of Chortkiv’s time in the Commonwealth (1569-1795 and 1918-1939) and Austria-Hungary (1772-1918), as well as processing and digitization of such sources; comparative analysis of the development of provincial cities in the period of the Commonwealth and Austria-Hungary, located on the territory of modern Poland, Austria, and Ukraine (administrative structure, system of education and training, etc.); study of the impact of significant events of this period on the development of these settlements.
The main products and who will use them:

  • digitization of archival materials about Chortkiv and the creation of an Internet library of archival historical publications;
  • publication of scientific work on the development of provincial towns of Western Ukraine in the best traditions of European settlements during the Commonwealth and Austria-Hungary, based on the example of the city of Chortkiv, Ternopil region;
  • the establishment, on the premises of the former Polish school (now Chortkiv School № 2), of an educational hub for the study of the history of the region during the period of the Commonwealth and installation of a ramp for accessibility of the created space for people with disabilities;
  • operation of educational programs on local history on the basis of the research for local historians, or an elective for students, researchers, local historians, and residents of the city of Chortkiv;
  • development of a trilingual tourist audio-route “Chortkiv during the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth” and “Efficiency of Engineering Structures of the Austro-Hungarian Times in Modern Chortkiv”, and publication of a trilingual (Ukrainian-Polish-German) tourist manual;
  • establishment of a system for designating architectural, historical, and cultural monuments of this period of history, including those written in Braille.
Austria, Poland
Museum, cultural center, or other organization with experience in the fields identified above