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უკრაინა Department of Culture and Tourism of Khmelnytsky City Council

Department of Culture and Tourism of Khmelnytsky City Council
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The Department of Culture and Tourism actively works on the development and implementation of the city cultural sphere strategic development program, providing quality and accessible cultural and educational services to the population, organization of meaningful cultural and artistic leisure of city dwellers, preservation and popularization of historical and cultural heritage, folk traditions, the development of libraries and museums, tourism.
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Lesya Herasymchuk
Olena Mykhailovska
Heritage, Festival, Sculpture, Performative arts, Visual arts, Design, Photography, Music, Interdisciplinary projects

Project resume of the Art Festival BruhtART (slogan: Waste-to-ART)
The purpose of international art-festival BruhtART (slogan: Waste-to-ART) is to develop urban sculpture and culture on national and international levels. At the same time, it suggests a renovated cultural image of young Khmelnytskyi city in a context of European culture. The slogan of this festival "Waste-to-ART" correlates with the modern trend waste-to-energy or energy-from-waste, which is the process of generating energy in the form of electricity and/or heat from the primary treatment of waste. If WtE is a form of energy recovery, WtA is a form of cultural energy recovery.
The festival develops this trend both in a literal meaning and in the actual sociocultural way. The waste is transformed into powerful artistic energy which is shown to a large audience with the help of artworks. The first topic of the festival offered in the location of the city central park is called “The human and the city”. During the work with this topic, participants have to consider such issues as problems of contemporary cities and their inhabitants, relationship among society, nature and people, solutions to these problems from an artistic point of view.   
The uniqueness of the festival manifests itself in the way that participants must use scrap metal to work at the art residence. Thus, we can, besides of art issues, raise up a question of the secondary use of raw materials from a new point of view: not only producing material or energy resources from waste but also sharing cultural values. Dead and used for its main function scrap metal will resurrect for a new life in cultural context.
Mass public activity for a large audience in a city environment of Khmelnytskyi or in European partner countries helps to attract attention to urban problems in terms of art. Festival events contribute to the increase of ecological responsibility for consequences of people's everyday activities by means of stimulating cultural and creative consciousness of citizens. Furthermore, we offer a model of costs economy for recycling and utilization by means of using waste for creating the works of art. A broad international program helps to carry out a qualitative exchange of artistic energy at most effectively and to provide this issue with new directions of development in the future.

The relation of the proposal to the selected fields
The artistic source for the BruhtART Festival (slogan: Waste-to-ART) in Khmelnytskyi is the works of the legendary local artist Mykola Mazur, created in the 1980s. He created park and city sculpture vivid by its pattern and a way of interacting with the audience. For many years, it has been one of the artistic markers of the Khmelnytskyi city (Ukraine). The restoration of Mazur's works is planned at the preparatory stages of the project. The uniqueness of the festival lies in the kind of the material offered to artists for processing during the art-residence, which will precede the festival events. It is the raw material for recycling - scrap metal.
Techniques for implementing ideas are assumed to be diverse: welding, soldering, forging, galvanizing, and the like. An international workshop will be preceded by art residences in Ukraine, during which Ukrainian and European artists and art critics will discuss the issues of contemporary urbanism and art, familiarize themselves with local specifics, conduct a series of lectures and presentations for a wide audience and show relevant to the concept of Waste-to-Art exhibition in an art museum. In all international events, it is planned to use the elements of interactivity and kinetics that involve the audience to direct communication with the artistic work. In certain works, local capacities of alternative and renewable energy - sunlight, wind, water will be used in favorable locations.

Multimedia and interdisciplinarity of the project will be provided by involving other types of art, which will impart additional attractiveness and project scale. Activities within the project include a rich artistic program consisting in the actual creation of sculptures, installations, objects of scrap metal and other used materials, as well as the implementation of a program on contemporary music, theater and performance, video art and 3-d mapping, land art and street art during the festival in the public location of the park, other art institutes and public spaces both in partner and participating countries. The broad educational program contains a series of lectures, seminars, presentations, workshops, discussion panels, the work of an open art workshop, workshops of traditional handicrafts on metal processing and other secondary raw materials to be held by Ukrainian and international cultural figures. All activities will be documented and distributed through multichannel communication methods including the creation of mobile gaming applications with the Waste-to-Art concept. The international festival is planned to be held annually in the city of Khmelnytskyi with the related regular international artistic cooperation, which involves public art and educational programs in Ukraine and abroad.
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«BruhtART» – «Waste-to-Art»
We are looking for Partner organizations and cultural institutions  ready to take an active part in our project delivering exhibitions, workshops, organizing artistic installations, giving performances and providing other activities in order to implement Waste-to-Art concept.